I needed time to regroup and of course I worked Saturday and Sunday and had a bulk mailing that I picked up late Friday afternoon. Spent 2 and 3 hours on that after work, will do the sealing of the envelopes tonight.

While working on the bulk mailing I've been watching a short lived TV series of last year called 'The Finder', a spin off of 'Bones' so some of the characters have been making appearances, Dr. Sweets and Hodgins so far. Quite a cute lil series about a decorated military man who suffered brain damage in Iraq which gave him the power to find things, using dioramas made of all sorts of stuff he recreates situations to help find whatever he was hired to find. His lawyer/friend, Michael Clarke Duncan, escaped the corporate world and open 'The End of the Earth' bar down in Florida where they hang out with a US Marshall gal who has an 'arrangement' with the Finder. MCD is also charged with minding a female juvenile deliquent. Cute lil quirky series.

This morning I finished a book by Robert Crais (you might enjoy his books Jenny if you haven't already discovered him), read a mini book of 'Rizzoli and Isles' and then read a book written by a Brit called '9 Days to Feel Fantastic'. I recorded some of the 'grounding' and relaxing meditations to my phone from here thewayjohnwhiteman.com/9-elements-audio. There are 6, good to center yourself if you are lost in anxiety or stress. I love this statement of his "I don't think you have to change in order to have an enlightened life. I think that in the process of letting go of what you are not, the true YOU comes shining through. So don't be afraid to shine." Each of the 9 days you add one more elements ideas, starting with:
Personal Space (where you can do the meditations above)
Achieve and Complete
Social Connection
Being Present
He worked with lots of people in these areas and brought their lives back to the them, it worked so well he published it. I got it from my electronic library.

After that I put in the Qigong (Chi Gong) video I got from Netflix. I've heard about it and wanted to see what it is. Very similar to Tai Chi. I did a half hour of that. I'm please to see that GAIAM that I subscribe to have Qigong videos I can access for free so I don't have to buy any, to do it, they are some for Stress and Cleansing your system amongst others. I do enjoy feeling the energy coursing and seeing my hands flutter involuntary with the energy going through them.

I've joined a Meetup for childless women, they do regular walks in the early evening kinda close to home. I will try one of those, not sure my knees will stand it, one is along the Rillito River (only water in it during storms). They also have a Thanksgiving get together, will see what that is about once they allow me access to their site. I was going to BBQ a turkey breast roast with sweet potatoes, some kind of vegie and top it with Pumpkin pie and vanilla bean ice cream on my own.

One of the best ways to 'live in the moment' is to focus on our animals. In the cooler weather I sit in the recliner and am joined by Kokee and Ketley, yesterday Kaiya came up too for a minute of two. Tis delightful to revel in their warmth and be at peace. That is one thing I cherish about my home, I sat there for a good half hour just listening to the peace. NO noise at all here most of the time. Priceless!

You can see how brown Ketley is, she still has some stray white hairs too.

Kokee hooked his paw over her head for a good scrubbing!

In People magazine there were some stories about 'stars' and their cats. Love em!

I could click on the camera and watch a video of the photo shoot. This cat was so pliable, he was putting it in all sorts of weird positions. A joy to watch.

We've had some chilly days with tops in the 50s (top of 14C) with lots of rain (my joints were sore). I wore tights and a skirt with one of my new winter tops as well as a jacket to work on Saturday and pants and the rest on Sunday. Just as well I had a jacket. We had no air circulating and no heat. The a/c isn't coming on as it was too cold and the heat isn't coming on as they haven't switched it over, so the office was stale/stinky but cold, I kept spraying Febreze around.

I'll be lying in tomorrow reading, then delivering the bulk mailing and going to Walmart for Thanksgiving goodies.

Those that checked on me, thank you!