of reading People magazine on my Nook color, about the only thing I use it for as it can't keep a charge, has yielded some tips on shopping for me to share.
Just ask. Aim to get 10% off at any major department store, just ask, nicely.
Practice cart abandonment on the internet. Put things in cart, close browser and wait for email reminder with 10 or 20% off promo code.
Book airfares incognito. Airlines base prices on your data
(creepy huh?). Browse anonymously with an app like Chrome Incognito.
Book hotels by phone. Askfor the BAR, the magic word.
(Whatever the heck that means.)
These are from a book 'Bargain Fever' by Mark Ellwood

One of the celebrity photos in People shows Anne Hathaway in voluminous parachute pants that make that skinny lil chick look fat. Her BF however, is very skinny in his skin tight jeans that show off his manhood nicely, like in the 80s remember? Kinda gross but better than fallin' off yer ass baggy jeans by far, no?

We've got a few miserable days, 66/18, 58/14, 61/15, 61/15 and 67/18.5, raining on 3 of them. UGH I can't see the mountains. I'll try not to turn on the heater, with lows of 41/5.5 it might be hard, but I will put on extra clothes.

I'm going to se the voice recorder feature on my new phone for my affirmations, great tool! Sure beats an old school tape recorder. I was right, the image that shows through the window of the cover for the phone, changes every few days. I hope nothing 'secret' shows! ;-) Then again I'd have to put something 'secret' on my phone wouldn't I? Not in to sexting thank goodness! LOL

The realtor said I would have a bulk mailing to do late this week. Can't get any later than today! I hope she does, though I didn't really want to go out today. Friday, and I haven't cleaned the floors or organized the pantry yet... Oops! Need the extra $ as car needs new front axles $450. I have an extra day's work next Friday and I have some extra hours in December too. I did apply for a 2 day a week job, receptionist on Monday and Wednesday at a Chiropractic office. Just as well I don't do Christmas, money is tight until next year.

Bacon 'n hominy is nearly ready for the eggs! YUMMO