but I dragged my bones out of the house today and hit Sprint to see why my phone is dying over night. The first few days the battery life was great, the last 2, it was nearly 100% charged before I went to bed but it died completely overnight with no use. I needed to know if I was doing something wrong, not closing things down or something.

One guy checked some settings and then handed it over to another associate who has the same phone. Turns out it is a new phone, as in released early November. He said he has been getting excellent battery life but he had another person come in with the same issue as I have. He took a couple of screen shots and emailed them to Samsung. They will let me know if something needs to be done. It seems to be ok today, will see how it goes overnight. That cute lil clock window? Somehow it has been taken over by music by Vienna Boys Choir. I can't see how to get rid of it, I thought I had deleted that music that came standard. I'll leave it for a couple of days, it might rotate to different things. I asked about needing to be able to call internationally. When I ordered the phone online, the person assisting via chat said I needed to do it online. I could not find it anywhere online. The guy in the store gave me a number to call. Hope that works.

Then to Super Cuts next door. If I have of come in within 7 days of my last (wrong) cut I could have had a recut for free. She did give me a $2 discount and cut it how I wanted it cut which helped. AND she has shown my website to a friend who is getting married, a small ceremony. She asked about my desert backyard. I told her I uploaded photos of a wedding that show my desert backyard since she had looked at my website and they are going to look at it again. I might get a wedding booking out of it.

Back home to spend 57 minutes talking to 3 people at Virgin Mobile. They are all insisting that I will never get my $10.25 postage back, and I insisted that they should pay it, that 2 people promised that I would get it back. I gave them one of the case numbers. The last one said she is going to escalate it for an investigation after I said I am not going away, that VM have employees that lie and they will find that out when they listen to the calls I had. They have until Monday to call me back. If they don't, I'll decide then whether I want to waste more time with those idiots or give up as they want me to, and let them get away with it.

Back home I opened up my email account that is full of spam that I use for shopping and stuff like insurance. I found an email declaring that I owed $256 on one of my 3 policies, including overdue charges. There I am again wasting time talking to an idiot. Turns out THEY made a mistake, somehow they called my mortgage company and decided that the condo policy was to be paid out of my escrow account and my mortgage company didn't pay it. It was never, ever associated with my escrow account, I paid it monthly with other 2 policies for nearly 2 years! So instead of the $256 being spread over 12 months, it will be spread over 10 months. So not only have all my policy premiums gone up because they felt like raising them, one of them goes up because THEY made a mistake. I have no problem standing my ground and voicing my displeasure in situations like this.

I hope tomorrow is hassle free, getting my car serviced. At least it will be paid on my credit card that won't have a payment due until January when I can pay anything extra that may come up.

On a good note, I did see a program where a woman had misidentified her rapist back in the 80s. He got sentenced to life but he kept fighting to get out and was finally able to when DNA testing became available. He was exonerated and a guy that he was in jail with, who he suspected did the rape he was convicted of, got convicted for it. Back in the 80s he was a black man with an all white jury, he never had a chance. When the woman that got raped found out she was wrong, she asked to meet him and ask for forgiveness. He said he forgave her years ago. They are friends and travel the country speaking out about how eye witness testimony can be so wrong. Thank goodness for DNA and for people that can let go and not live in hate/resentment even under horrible circumstances.