I can hear the trains blaring horns from 4+ miles away. I can't imagine living any closer, you couldn't have your windows open with that racket.

Been watching a few documentaries on 'America Reframed'. One about the greeters in Bangor, Maine, where the planes land bringing military folks home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The greeters, men and women are old, some haven't served, some go to give their own lives purpose. They are up all hours of the night to greet every plane. They followed the lives of a few, the guy that has to sell the farm to pay off his credit card debt. He's got one dog and so many cats it costs $250 a month to feed them, the floor was littered with empty tins. He had all the cats taken to the pound, doubt many of those survived. Broke my heart. The military folks coming home love being greeted by them.

Then a story about legal pot growers, for medical use, in Montana, being raided by the FBI after the law to allow it was repealed instead of rewritten. Some people were sent to jail for a long time doing something that was legal in Montana, but not legal federally. Funny how the raids happened right at that moment when the bill was going through the channels and not even repealed yet. Some bastard politician tipped them off. One grower employed 30 people. People like a lady with cancer and emphysema who uses pot for pain, she had already lived 2 years longer than expected using it, were able to get it a while longer illegally but it ended up cost prohibitive and she had to go back on morphine and become a zombie, something she dreaded.

Then the one about The New Public School in Bedford Stuyvesant on NY. The principal and teachers started full of hope to get more kids to graduate. Ended up only 41 of 104 graduated, some left, 20 something didn't graduate, some went to college. The 'theme' of competition, beating your fellow man at all costs instead of helping your fellow man with love is scary shit to me. You need a college degree to get in to work in a factory these days. It was heartening to watch a gay kid whose mother was a zombie on pain killers and had no capacity to care and whose father who was working 2 jobs die half way through his high school years, get a college scholarship after many, many rejections by other colleges. The US is 22 out of 27 countries as far as high school graduate successes go, that's disgusting!

I need some winter tops, I found www.halfzipped.com an outlet for some interesting clothes, mostly zippered. I got 2 half zipped tops, two round necked thick cotton tops and another unzipped top for $108 including S&H, very good price for quality stuff. I got them a size bigger for comfort and it allows for a turtleneck underneath if required.

Delicious grits coming up for breakfast. I need more butter, I put a healthy spoonful in them with salt 'n pepper.

Would you believe Virgin did NOT refund my postage? I got the unused service $ back, I will be calling to blast the hell out of 'em later.... Jerks!