I basically only like summer fruits. Oranges, I can't stand them, get a bad one and it puts me off them for years, now I don't bother. I tried what they call Lil Cuties here, mandarins, easy to peel, but again, if you hit an off one, UGH, and I hate the smell of the peel under your nails after you've peeled one. So no more of those. Apples, tolerable, but not my fav. I think Canteloupe (Rockmelon) and Honeydew melon are available in winter. I hope so! I do hate cutting it up. I saw a gal using a melon baller on TV and I decided that's what I need. Looks fun too, not to mention eating those cute lil balls of fruit. I do like to take fruit to work on the weekends. It's been pineapple and mango, mango is gone now. So that is my quest this week, finding a melon baller. Kinda sad I know.

It is a quiet week. Just getting the car serviced on Thursday afternoon. Just a few things to pick up from the store like bananas for my nightly smoothies, see if toilet paper is on special again, 3 extra rolls for free, normally a pack of 9. I had the date/fig concoction again, did not sleep 8 hours that night. Need more almond milk for smoothies too. Most are made with water but some have almond milk. I get extra serves of fruit (blueberries, raspberries, bananas, figs, dates) and my greens, baby spinach in my smoothies.

I do need to rearrange the pantry. I have way too much stuff on the kitchen counter, looks so untidy. I need another basket to put in the pantry at the bottom, you can't see the stuff on most of the shelves (its floor to ceiling) so I did get some baskets to put stuff in so I can pull them out to see what is there. Still need to vacuum and clean bathroom and kitchen floors. UGH

I'm reading a book that takes place in Montana. I'd like to mosey on up there someday to see the wide open spaces and skies. Mind you we have big skies here to. Not many street lights to keep the skies open for the National Observatory near here. If Virginia, my landlord, agrees to build the wall I am going to get a square of fake grass installed in the middle of the patio so I can lie on it and look at the stars. That's been a big wish of mine for years, a patch of green to lie on. Real grass, too much upkeep. Fake grass is so real looking and feeling these days so that is what I will have. I doubt the $1,800 quote would include pavers, might. Just block pavers but better than dirt. There are lots of ground squirrel holes in the corner of that space near the house. They need to be filled in and leveled out.

I'd be inclined to have some pots with plants on the new patio. Plants are so expensive, medium bushes of gardenias and azaleas were $30 in Virginia. Don't know what they are here. I guess I can make that an outing just for fun, window shopping at a plant nursery. I gotta get something in that pot out the front to disguise the meter boxes.

There is nothing on at the movies I want to see. Pleasant temps, in the 70s this week, I can sit outside some. I really love having all this time off, but I do need get another part time job, 2 days a week would be ideal, I'll start looking next year... Back to reading!