today from the woman who owns this duplex I am living in. She asked if I had heard from Ed, her property manager who I send checks to. I said I had not.

She proceeded to tell me that Ed is moving to Oregon and won't be managing property in Tucson anymore and that she is going to manage her property herself. Sounds good to me. She sounds like a lovely woman.

She said she has some local tradespeople I can call if anything needs fixing and I can either pay the bill and deduct it from my next rent check or she will get her BIL, Charlie, who has been around here a few times fixing my fans, to pay the tradespeople.

I told her I would definitely like to live here at least another 3 years, she said I could consider buying the place, which of course I had but the stars weren't aligned for me to do it last March. I told her that my circumstances have changed somewhat, I am living a simpler life and I told her about my new business and I would occasionally marry people in my backyard. She thought it was wonderful but warned me that the HOA (Home Owners Association) is very strict and they might notice and say it was against some law or another.

She was telling me that this is a double lot and that she had got permission to wall it all in at the back and side like her sister did next door, creating a huge private patio. I said I would love that. I asked if she got a quote for it, she said she had, she thought it was around $1,500. I am going to email her and ask her to check it again and if that is true ask if she would she do it, seeing how she is getting more rent now, not paying a property manager, and I would give her $25 a month more rent towards it. I think that is reasonable, I hope she thinks so too. I would make that a lovely sun soaking winter oasis, could move my cramped patio furniture around to the big open space.

I asked if I could remove the makeshift desk in the guest bedroom. It has fake animal skin textured paper on it and my cats have managed to tear holes in it jumping up there. She said that would be fine. I said I have friends come from overseas next year for a couple of weeks and I would like to paint the bedroom, it is the only room she didn't paint. She said that would be fine. So that is a project for me over the winter. I can manage that I think.

This is a much better arrangement. She would like to come and meet me in person the next time she is in town. That's fine by me. Oh I'd better get a plant in that front pot. I think I will just get an oleander, they are soft and a have nice green foliage an flower most of the year. The Mexican Bird of Paradise seeds have not germinated. I shall bring the planters inside to the laundry and dig the seeds out and pop them open and try it again. If not I shall put some flowers in them on the back wall. That would be lovely to look at as well as the desert and mountains. PERFECT!