to spend the extra $ and get the best dishwasher detergent. Just one use and the dishes are squeakier and shinier. The frying pans were the cleanest I've seen them in a while, even the cutlery looks better. They were coming out almost looking not washed at all. I only run it once a week so in the scheme of things it isn't really expensive at all.

I ended up with massive brain pain yesterday. Never knew it to be stress related, always food related but maybe stress has something to do with it. I ended up going to bed at 8:30 to get away from it. Asleep by 9, means waking up at 2am, which is what happened. I've been grazing on my sweet 'n salty almond bars and almonds themselves since then trying to stave off the brain pain from coming back but it is lingering. Have to keep eating little bits throughout the day.

Still wrapping my head around losing my 'fear of food' again. One of my affirmations from the book is 'I am now relaxed and happy around food'. Most of you don't understand that concept I realize, but most of the population these days do have a fear of food. I'm sure you hear people say 'I can't eat that, I'll put on 5lbs!' I may not be losing weight yet, but I am not gaining 'I never worry about gaining weight anymore.' is another affirmation I am using. AND I can tell you, my innards are changing, the way they are processing food is different. So it seems my body is listening, 'My metabolism is listening to the new instructions that I am giving it.' Fascinating!

Don't know if you have heard of 'The Miracle Man', a guy who broke C1 and C2 in a plane crash, most people don't survive after those injuries let alone move. This guy healed himself and walked out of the hospital a year later. He is a motivational speaker now.

I've got nothing I have to do today, well just fashion an envelope the marriage certificate to go in to the Superior Court. I don't want to fold it and stuff it in a normal sized envelope. It seems they are not supplying them anymore. Of 3 weddings, only 1 had the envelope. So I am continuing to read 'F**k It Therapy'. I looked at their website, they have week long retreats at 2 resorts in Italy. I could dig that. 1,695 pounds, plus airfare of course. If you tagged on a European vacation it would be worth it.

It's a cool, grey day, perfect for chillaxing, I shall get a load or two of washing done, maybe vacuum too, but that's it. I'll take dill havarti, rice crackers and salami for lunch at work on the weekend. KISS It's bacon (I hear Max drooling), eggs and hash browns for brunch. I've got a few new frozen dinners to try later, I will close my eyes and pick one.

I did watch the same documentary that Mickey did of Stephen Fry talking about his Bipolarity and discussing it with other folks such as Carrie Fisher and Richard Dreyfuss (I didn't know he had it). The fact that stuck with me is that suicide is the biggest cause of death for women who have just given birth. It has been found that pregnancy can increase the depression factor, one woman has chosen not to have another baby as her experience with her first was not good depression wise. I am amazed that Stephen has 'coped' with his bipolarity without medication yet he tests in the high range of it. Most bipolars he asked if they could do it over again would they not want to have it, say they would still have it. Only one woman he interviewed said she would not, she greatly resents it. It seems that lots of creative people do suffer from it. A fascinating documentary. I will enjoy more from that website, thanks, Mickey.

Kaiya came looking for attention 4 times this morning in 3 hours. One time she just lay on me, didn't knead me like she usually does, and her nose was 6" from Kokee's he was lying on my stomach. He swiped at her, but she didn't care. She gets under my left arm and kneads up near my neck.

All is GOOD in my neighborhood, hope it is in yours too!