The bride, Angelica, arrived with her friend and her 8 year old daughter/flower girl, Alexah, first. We waited about 15 mins inside for the groom, Eric, and Angelica's son/ring bearer (complete with pillow with rings attached), Jakob, 5, to arrive. Angelica was in a beautiful strapless ballgown style wedding gown, so she stayed inside to make an entrance with Alexah dropping petals. Alexah had fun playing with Ketley and Kaiya while we were waiting. I hadn't tidied the house, not expecting them to come inside but when I saw Angelica all done up and knew her fiancee hadn't seen her in her dress I had to make sure she made an entrance.

Then I realized that they were short a witness, the two men from his work that were going to come, couldn't. I ran out the front and was going to knock on neighbor's doors until I found somebody. Luckily there was a gal walking away from the mailbox, I got her attention and asked if she would mind being a witness for us. She was happy to do so. Angelica and Eric were most grateful. What a delightful couple, they were both very polite and and totally in love with each other.

So very nervous, I couldn't think of some words sometimes, after the service thank goodness. Couldn't remember if the bride signs her maiden name, said she does. Of course it doesn't get changed until she applies for it to be so. It was only 80F/25C but I was sweating up a storm in my black polyester jacket. I forgot to give them back their application for their marriage license, in the same envelope with the actual license, I will mail it to them.

Really have to work on getting over my nerves, I want to keep doing this. I've got a month to work on this.