as Mickey is. Him with him Galaxy Tablet and me with my phone.

The camera on this phone is as good as my regular camera. Nice to know I don't always have to take my regular camera with me, or be mad when I forgot it and missed a fab opportunity. I just figured out the zoom feature, good ole 'pinch', it's 8x which is very handy. The panorama feature, love it! Could have used it in The Painted Desert and Canyon de Chelly. I'm making stupid lil videos just to see how it works. VERY handy!

They've preloaded a bunch of crap apps on the phone, have to figure out how to delete them. Ipernity isn't much good on it unfortunately. I love that I voice Googled it though.

Wendy recommended me to another bride to be but she never contacted me. That makes 4. I texted her 'You are going to have to teach me your British accent!' She smiled back.

Got my 2nd wedding today. This one will be cute with 2 kids involved. Their vows have some religious stuff in them but they are saying them, not me, so I can handle it. ;-) I've told them I will be ready at 12:30 if they want to come and make sure their recording/streaming is going to work ok. I am going to guide the person that does the streaming to stand on my patio, right in front of my door and that will get the whole scene, guests on each side, bride and groom and kids and myself in front of the mountain/desert view. I hope it can pick up the sound, it's only like 10 ft. away, so I'd imagine it would. What FUN! I am nervous, but doing some EFT tapping to calm myself, telling myself to just ENJOY it!

Think More, Eat Less turned in to another 'diet' book. Going in to the workings of your metabolism and such. Color coded food groups, exercise info. No thank you, I'll stick to what I am doing with more feeling and thin visualisations throughout the day. The one thing she did that I really disliked it to have you visualize your favorite fattening good being mixed in with slimy sweat and pubic hairs from the floor of a sauna. Pinch your finger as you are imagining it so you are hurting and repulsed when you think you want chocolate. That is plain RIDICULOUS! You should be able to eat whatever you want.-

F**k It Therapy is fun so far. It is about banishing the 'wrong' thoughts, getting back to your basic-ness before you were corrupted by parents etc, a lot I have read before but it is always good to reinforce it from a different authors POV.

Oh YAY I AM earning $ from SOC now, got a deposit in my bank for nearly $60. Won't take long to get my investment back now, that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool! My income IS constantly growing!