well, for Kaiya that is. This is the first time I have seen her lie like this.

Lying with her front legs stretched out straight in front of her. I love how her toes are splayed here.

Silly I know, but I just love the look of cat feet. I hate human feet, but I love cat feet.

It took quite a while to get her to look up, she is such her own cat. She has a sweet lil face. Pretty Zazzle-ish, no? She is 4.5 years old though.

On a completely different note, (Ipernity decided to tell this underlined and in blue just to distinguish it I guess) I am watching a 'Bones' where the 'Bone Digger', a female serial killer is being taken in to court. Her head is blown off her shoulders by a long range rifle shot. I don't watch explosive action movies which might depict these scenes, but this looks pretty spectacular to me. Gore is entertainment these days... Bizarre!