While conducting business in bed this morning I got a call on my new phone, 2 rings and it stopped. I looked up the number and it was Vonage, the VOIP phone service that I transferred my phone number from to my Sprint phone. People were saying they will try anything to get you not to cancel, you have to call to cancel, transferring your number does not cancel your account. People have called, been told their account has been canceled yet they are still being charged monthly and cannot get a refund.

So I got on to my Vonage account, it is indeed showing as ACTIVE and I can still make calls on my old cordless phone. So I got to my account details and changed the expiry date of my credit card to December 2013 from August 2016. So they can't charge anything else to my card now. I am surprised that it worked. Keep that in mind if you have such a problem, can't get somebody to stop charging to your card. Instead of canceling the whole card which one guy said he did.

I am still on the phone, the foreign gal is not protesting too much, did not try to offer me the current deal of $9.99 a month which some folks claim they did and never got the cheaper rate and calling did not remedy the issue. I hope this works, time will tell. I should get a cancellation reference number in my email. Wish me luck!

I did have a missed call from Cricket too, I canceled my account with them. I suppose I'd better look online and make sure my account has really been canceled. These phone companies are sure wily!

I did try to access my Cricket account and I cannot, so it must be all canceled. I did get a cancelation email from Vonage. That WILL be the end of both companies. Oh I did learn to send an auto message to unwanted phone numbers, you can get screaming monkeys and such, that will be FUN! (laughs evilly)