but one essential function wasn't working, swiping/scrolling. You need it to unlock the phone. Antics short of throwing it across the room finally got me in where I turned the 'swipe to unlock' feature off.

Wendy has texted me so I know that works. I downloaded my fav Solitaire, but I couldn't play because I couldn't swipe. DOH! I popped in to the Sprint store just down the road to see what's what. Took 2 of them about 15 mins. to figure out what was wrong.

Got it hooked up to home WiFi so I can mess with the internet on it for free while at home. I love I can search Google with my voice. 'Thai Restaurant Tucson' produced a list and voice telling me what I asked for. Cool!

The new vanilla wheat free granola is very tasty, in comes in a short, fat carton, pour it out like milk, cute!

Passed the emissions test, a whole $12.25. I played Solitaire until my turn came up.