the Virgin iPhone saga that is. I got the actual phone refund fast. Another 20 mins. on the phone spent today to find out that the refund for the month service and the postage were not processed after all. She did them on the spot and I have to wait another 7-10 business days to get the $40+ credited to my card. I had also received a letter saying I was signed up with auto pay for $25 a month, I have no idea what that would be for. She canceled it. I'm glad I didn't have to be transferred to another person, the first one helped me. That had better be the end of Virgin.

I called my bank and got the $25 charge reversed, it was nothing I asked for. I'm glad they didn't fight me.

I called my garage, they were closed for the holiday.

I chatted with 3 people at Sprint trying to find out where my free phone cover is, the last said I had to call Order Support. They said I should have it by Friday.

The stores were really busy today, first time I have seen that, I guess because office workers have the day off and they all decided to shop today. Walmart was the least busy, Sprouts and Trader Joes were nuts! I got all sorts of good food. Figs and dates and blueberries and raspberries and cashews and spinach for my evening Bullet smoothies. Got a new variety of frozen foods as well as Palak Paneer and Channa Masala. Got some new wheat free Granolas to try. Spent like $130, but it will last me until my next credit card period, at least 10 days.

I hope my new phone is working tomorrow, I have time to play with it after doing the car emission test. I'll let Wendy know I now can text and she can send me a test text for me to reply to.

I got the brides vows last night, get the grooms this evening so I can get their paperwork finalized for their wedding on Thursday. Her vows to him and their children are real tear jerkers. Twas 86F/28C today, should be 78F/24C, perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

Oh I still have to do my 'classy' entry don't I? But I am hungry right now...