has some fascinating documentaries. This one is called 'Skywalkers'. It's about Mohawk Indians who live on the reservation near the Canadian border in upstate New York who drive 5.5 hours to work on Skyscrapers as connectors down in NYC. They walk the I-beams and when other I-beams are swung over by the cranes they have to grab them and connect them to the others. It is a tradition that is passed down in the family.

This show focuses on two families, one guy is 46, his father died from a fall as a connector the day after he was born, he was only 20. His mother started drinking and died 12 years later. He was brought up by various family members. He has 6 kids from two marriages. His 2nd wife is a pharmaceutical rep, when they are home on the weekends, they do a lot of native dancing and singing. He was a choreographer for some movies but couldn't make enough doing it so went back to connecting. He is one of the oldest connectors.

The second guy is a similar age, one marriage, he guides his own children as well as his widowed sister's children as well as doing community work when he is home on weekends. His wife hates him doing the work, but he doesn't know anything else, has no education. I'm not sure where they live during the week, but drink like crazy when they are not working in NYC. You'd think a hangover would affect their balance the next day. The connectors have no harness, they are a detriment to their job, they earn big dollars because of it and are referred to as the 'Big Guns'.

They have an annual Ironworkers festival on the reservation, have competitions like climbing standing I-beams. One of the 2nd guy's son is carrying on the tradition being a Sky Walker. They have Indian teams of Skywalkers and other teams. There is a lot of prejudice against the Indians, still. When 911 happened they all went and helped, they said there was no prejudice, all nationalities worked together. They got 3 months work clearing the site. The first guy wanted to work on the new World Trade Center but couldn't get a job as a Skywalker as he was too old.

The German woman who filmed the documentary had to associate with them for 3 years being 'tested', to earn their trust as they feel they are so misrepresented. They were thrilled with the outcome.

Tis wonderful to learn about lives that I wouldn't ever know about if there wasn't a show like this that I discovered.

I'm pleased that all 4 agents turned up for their floor duty this weekend at work. I had plenty of work to do and got it done before 4pm came around.

Tomorrow I do have to do some shopping, then have to call Virgin to ask where the credits are for the postage I paid and the month of service I didn't use and why I have a letter saying they are charging $25 a month to my credit card for my service plan. I also have to call Sprint and ask where my free cover is for the phone I got that will be activated on the 12th. I have to call my bank and ask why there is a $25 charge on my bank statement for a Telephone assisted transfer, I did no such thing. That will probably take a couple of hours.

Tuesday I will go and get my emissions test done on my car. Wednesday I will do the final work on the wedding the next day. Hopefully I will get a bulk mailing this week. That's enough to do this week.