soaking up the morning sun. Had pre-brekkie at 5:30, I wake up starving but don't want breakfast that early, so I have pre-breakfast, a banana and 2 slices of cheese. The rice cooker works fine with it's fashioned foil lid with a hole it in to let some steam out, the water is boiling for grits for real brekkie. That'll be had closer to 9am.

Late lunch with Jeanie at The Parish was very nice. She is happy and smiling again. She told me the whole story about James' death. It was definitely suicide, he took every pill he had in the locked box. He wasn't supposed to know where the key was though Michelle, his sister, had told Jeanie where it was when James was in the room. DOH. He tried to kill himself before, Michelle was in town and found him unconsciousness. She failed to mention that to Jeanie when she took the job of caregiver 8 hours a week. It was a love/hate relationship between James and Michelle. He was obviously a burden to her mentally and financially and she would take it out on him in occasionally rages telling him he was useless etc.

When Jeanie found James just after 6am he was in full rigor mortis, which takes 8-12 hours after death to occur. So he may have taken his overdose before he went out with a friend for dinner. He had said James was acting very strangely and had fallen out of his wheelchair twice, the first time cutting his face, where restaurant staff tended to his wound. The friend just took him home and when Michelle couldn't get him on the phone the next morning she had Jeanie go and check on him. It is clearly a deal of Michelle feeling guilty that she wasn't there to prevent his death and she took it out on Jeanie. She called and told them Jeanie was a horrible person and caused her brother's death so they shut down her account. So Jeanie hired a lawyer and after he read her documentation of the 5 days leading up to Jame's death and previous concerns about James' habits with his drugs and Mega energy drinks, the lawyer said that Michelle had no grounds to sue Jeanie, so he is going to help her get back on I read some of the hysterical emails of Michelle's. I hope she finds peace.

Jeanie and I shared crawfish hushpuppies. Balls of crawfish (mini lobsters) and some kind of dough deep fried with a spicy sauce. Very tasty! I ordered the Hippie Bunhugger, an eggplant patty burger with pomegranate sauce. I ordered it without the bun but it came with a bun anyway. It was delicious and the fries were fantastic, I ate every crumb. I want to go back and try their 'crispiest fish & chips ever'. It was a small establishment, there was one woman doing everything at 3:30pm and there at least 20 people in the place, at tables and the bar.

Still have to book my car in for a service, I thought it would be the equivalent of a 3,000 mile service. I looked at the service guide and it says services are at 3750, 7500, 11,250, 15,000, 18,750 etc. I am close to 99,000 so I guess it is a 97,500 service I will get done. Will book that today. I have to do the emissions check too, next week, got the wedding on Thursday so it will be a busy week.

Just need to send sample vows to Marki today now that I got her questionnaire and signed contract back. She is all paid up for her Dec 8th wedding. It will be a simple ceremony, her Mom is walking her down the aisle. They have a best man and man of honor holding the rings, guess there are no women attendees. Amanda's wedding in the gazebo, I suggested they really make sure the gazebo is large enough for 13 wedding people a table and the photographer. I am encouraging them to do it in the Opera House so everybody can see the ceremony. There are 60 guests. I am meeting her godmother there to get situated to conduct the ceremony.

Seems I am not getting a photo and testimonial from Dustin/Samantha wedding. I am not going to push it. I asked his sister for a photo and I asked him for a testimonial and got nothing.

So just need to get vows off to Marki then I can relax today. Got enough food, don't need to go to the store til next week. I hope there is a bulk mailing today, didn't have one last week. They are every 3 or 4 weeks instead of every 2 weeks now. Darn! I'll see what is playing at The Loft for tomorrow.

Over and out, brekkie is ready!