a LG G2 SmartPhone with Sprint. $99 for the phone, it's a current model, 4G if it ever comes to Tucson, $50 for unlimited talk/messaging, $20 for 1G of data (I can adjust that any time). That is equal to my current cell phone and home phone charges, so I am transferring the home phone number to the new cell phone, they will cancel it for me. I will cancel my other cheapie cell phone. For $4 a month I get calls to Australia for 7 cents a minute. That's reasonable. Hopefully Sprint will give me good coverage here. I did research and it seems to be fine in Tucson but sketchy is some outlying areas. If the phone is faulty I take it to a store and get a new one. It also comes with a free (supposedly $50) value cover.

It's taken a few hours to get this going, their website kept freezing. Finally got it to stick through Firefox but 15 mins. later it was still working on accepting it. I've got an email that it was accepted so I guess I'll just shut the window now. Oh I can make my phone a Hot Spot when I am traveling for $10 a month, can order and cancel as I need it.

I got out the ladder and the loppers and had a go at the Palo Verde behind the one the previous one I lopped. There were lots of dead branches around it that were lopped off before, so it just wasn't me that wants to get a good mountain view. I got up to the 3rd step and got as high as I could. Ladder sinking in the sand was fun, NOT, but it eventually stabilized. I could go lower, but the branches are too thick for my lopper.

Now (the tree I chopped is in full sun)


Might have to pay somebody to chop down more. You can see some houses now. My arms are going to kill me tomorrow.

I only have a late lunch with Jeanie tomorrow. I hope it happens, been changed 3 times now, for good reasons. If it doesn't I might take myself out anyway.

Didn't work on the wedding, oops, I do a lil tonight.