I was just about to do some work on weddings yesterday when my computer asked to do some updates, took like 2 hours!

My damn TouchPad is still wiping itself clean a couple of times a day. I can open Ipernity, move to one screen and then move no further. Rats!

We had a rip snorter of a thunderstorm last night, MOST unusual in November. Started with a huge thunder clap which sent the cats scattering, then a good pounding of rain. The evening stayed warm enough to leave the back window open, I do like the smell of the creosote of the desert. I forgot to shut it completely. It only got down to 50F/10C, so the living room wasn't too cold. A nice sunrise this morning with the clouds, but no sunshine to sit in to read in the recliner.

It's only 69F/20C today, I think I will take the loppers and ladder and see if I can lop some of the high branches off the Palo Verdes across the path to open up my mountain view even more. Make it even better for backyard weddings. The mountain will be nicely framed with Palo Verdes on either side.

I just spoke to Joy, mother of the bride for the December 15th wedding. She wondered if I supply a mic, I said no, that is up to them. They are going to have a rehearsal sometime also, I said that would cost $50 for me to attend, she is thinking about it. I asked for a pic of her and her husband so I can find them when I arrive. I shall start working on their ceremony and vows this afternoon. This is a real proper wedding. Scary! LOL This is where 13 of us will be standing, yep, me, bride and groom and 10 bridesmaids/best men. Oh, I forgot I can't paste in to Ipernity through Firefox, in fact I can't even bring up the menu to paste now. (rolls eyes.) The wedding is Savoy Opera House in Trail Dust Town if you want to Google it. There is a gazebo up in the middle of Trail Dust Town. There are only a few benches for people to sit on, so the ceremony can't be too long if there are any oldies attending.

I was thinking if I canceled my home phone and just had a cell phone I could afford a plan for $70 a month. Cheapest on Verizon is $100, you get a discounted price on a phone with a contract. I'll check out Sprint and AT&T. Have to have reasonable international rates, calling Australia with Vonage (home phone) is free.

I just opened Ipernity in IE and have no editing capabilities at all! It seems to think I am in Safari, whatever that is. (rolls eyes more) But I can hit enter and create a new paragraph with going up to the top of the blog. Whoopdie do!

Time for some granola me thinks... It says 11 servings in the bag, I get 3 decent ones.