The first gal I got at Virgin ummed and ahhed then put me through to Sprint where I had to explain it all over again. They both keep disappearing saying they are checking my account, very strange practice, at least a half dozen times with both of them. The next one tried to tell me that I did not purchase my phone online through Virgin's website and she could not help me. I said I did, there are charges on my online statement saying Virgin Mobile, but she kept saying the transaction number she has it not a Virgin transaction number. I wasn't swearing but I was so damn close! I insisted she put me through to a supervisor who was of course busy, I said I will wait. Waited 10 mins for her and she came on and just took the tracking number and confirmed how much I will be refunded, the postage, the month of service and the cost of the phone, when they receive the phone. Unbelievable! I've kept all my notes JIC (Just In Case).

This morning I had all 3 of the cats on the bed for the first time, lasted about 5 mins. before Ketley attacked Kokee's tail and they all flew off the bed.

Today's lunch I brought in to the office is black bean soup, made with onion, cumin, black beans and chicken broth. VERY tasty! I also brought 12 pieces of summer sausage and 12 squares of cheese. Mango spears for dessert.

Fun Evan was the floor agent this morning, he has been very helpful. Helped me calculate square ft. from acreage for a listing, what was given to would have been 20 something acres, the lot is 13.2 acres. I don't know how to do those calculations. An agent called saying she had accidentally printed flyers for open house for the house next door! I was in the middle of inputting a list so couldn't help her, Evan did. Another guy printed some stuff to my printer and jammed it, he torn half of the paper out, the other half is stuck. The printer will have to be disassembled to get it out. Nobody on floor this afternoon and I am alone in the office yet again. Evan said I can put calls through to him. Tis a busy day, so time is flying! Lots of candy in the office, leftovers from Halloween no doubt.

The 3 weddings I have booked are moving along nicely. I created a questionnaire for them with things like: are you being given away, if so by whom? Is there a theme or color scheme? and stuff like that. I was looking at variations of 'giving away' because it is not so politically correct to be given away like a piece of property. Like with anything the internet is a font of knowledge for weddings. The wedding in 12 days has a dozen attendees in my backyard, the 2nd time around for the couple, some children included and it is being streamed and recorded. No fluffing allowed!

Gotta find a nice satchel to carry stuff to weddings in. I shall try the 2nd hand La Bella store, I know they have shoes, perhaps they have bags, I didn't notice when I was in there the last time. There is an upscale Goodwill store close to home, I shall check there next. Then there is a good 2nd hand store up in Catalina I have heard about.

Car registration is due, only $35, need an emissions test. Time for a service too, 99,000 miles on her. I do hate paying for stuff like that but I gotta have a working car!

Tis a beautiful day, mid 80s, left the front door open, at least the cats can enjoy it while I freeze in the office. Tis amazing how much hotter you have the water when you shower when overnight temps are low. The bathroom steams up even with the overhead fan on and a floor fan aimed at the mirrors.