After 2.5 hours on the phone with 4 people the iPhone4 is going back and I am getting a credit and I am sticking with my lil cheapy cell phone.

This morning I was on the phone with somebody for 25 mins. and their simple troubleshooting produced nothing. She went to transfer me to tech support and came back and said some system was down, they would call me back in 2 hours. That was supposed to be 1pm. I waited and waited and waited and called them at 4pm and got somebody that did the same simple troubleshooting that I said I had already done. She put me through to a SPRINT (that is whose network Virgin piggy backs on) tech support. She had me do the same damn things and we got nothing new. She told me I had to take the phone to an Apple Store to get them to check it out, if it was faulty I would have to call Virgin back to get details to send the phone back to Apple who apparently sent it to me, not Virgin.

I said I have to spend time and $ to go to Apple to find the phone is faulty to take it back home to call you to get details to return it to Apple? They cannot hand me a replacement phone over the counter? Nope. I have to call Virgin and get a return # and address to send it back to and they give me a refund and then I have to start all over again to get another iPhone4. Well guess what? I told her that I would NOT be calling Virgin again to order another phone from Apple. She gave me the return details and told me I had to pay return postage. WTF?!? I said I will NOT be paying return postage. It is a faulty phone, nothing to do with me, I will not be out of pocket returning a faulty phone. She said that is how it works. I asked to speak to her supervisor. Surprise the supervisor is busy but said I am to call them back with the tracking # and the cost of postage and they will refund me the postage

I waited 3 hours for the return #, she said she would call me back in 10-15 mins. Another system glitch. I got all the info I need and assured her that I would never be doing business with Virgin/Sprint ever again.

The gal that wanted me to do her wedding this Saturday and then said she didn't need me to do it after all, she sent me an email this afternoon and said the officiant she had booked had backed out could I still do it for $100 out at Starr Pass? I would never do a wedding that far out, 45 mins. from home, for $100. I replied that if the script is written already, I just have to turn up and read it, I can, if I need to work on the script with her it would be $150. I never heard back. Don't need clients like that!

The wedding on December 14th at 4pm where I was going to have to get somebody in the office to cover for me, they called and changed it to December 15th at 6pm. That's fine. It is at a new venue also, indoors thank goodness, further from home, so it is another $25 and I don't need coverage in the office, I can work until 4pm.

Kent warned me that most of the clients are disorganized, he's not wrong! Just have to roll with the punches. Not gonna let them use me and abuse me though. So there!

Had a cold start to the morning, 38F/4C. Average is 50F this time of the year. I had left my window open, had a sheet, blanket and comforter cover on me and still woke up shivering. We will have one more burst of warmth, 86F/28C on Sunday and then it's back down to 60s & 70s for tops, that's ok for November.

Time for dinner and some serious chillin', been an entirely wasted day, just as well I had nothing real important to do.