NOT! My iPhone arrived, love the packaging. I charged it while I was out but when I sat down to activate it and play with it, it would not work. I had to research and tried to reset it. It would not reset so I had to restore, which means I had to download iTunes to my PC and restore it with that as per the instructions. After several attempts and different error messages nothing happened. I tried to call and none of their options get me through to a person, so I have emailed my issue. They'd better just send me a phone that works right out of the box. NOT thrilled!

I remembered I had to return some clothes to Coldwater Creek, so that I did. They have finally finished the re-do of the Ina Rd. & Oracle Rd. intersection and what a vast improvement! There is a feature I have never seen before. Coming up to Oracle Rd. on Ina Rd. instead of getting in to a left hand turn lane to get on to Oracle Rd (which always overflowed and blocked traffic wanting to go straight) you continue across the intersection to a much longer left hand turn only lane which has it's own stop light. When it goes green you do a U turn to get on Ina to turn right on Oracle. Seems to work ok.

Coldwater Creek is a very upscale part of town in La Encantada mall full of upscale stores. I pulled in to a spot with a sign 'For A&J Fine Foods shoppers only please'. Can they really do that? I stayed parked there, went to Coldwater Creek and then decided to explore 'A&J Fine Foods'. Tis a very fancy store with fancy prices. Pop Chips are 50 cents a bag more than Walmart, but on a par with other regular supermarkets. I spied some fun Soda Pop bottles, along the lines of Mickey's beer collection. I choose these two just for fun.

I needed emergency cat food and litter but their choices were limited and very expensive, I just got rice crackers to go with the Soda Pop.

Then I drove to Walmart to do some real shopping. In the parking lot I pulled up next to a very battered car, there was an old man in it, it was crammed full of stuff, seems he is living in it, the smell coming from it was pungent. How sad, from one extreme to the other...

I just emailed Brittini to ask how her vows are coming along for tomorrow's wedding. She replied that Zachery 'flipped out' and attacked her so she is reevaluating the whole situation, the wedding will probably not go ahead, the relationship may not continue. How sad, but she has to look after herself and her baby girl. I will refund her $100, $50 deposit is not refundable.

I got a postcard today from my friend, Deena, who lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

She is in love with a 17th century Welshman, who is a very distant relative, and went to Wales last year to see where he resided and that is where she is again. She loves Wales and says it is full of sheep, hence the postcard. She is doing lots of hiking and doing more research. I'm wondering if she is going to be moving there, she loves it!