In the 60s. I'll be wearing shoes 'n socks when I go out to the store today. I've run out of cat food before it got delivered again, oops! Changed my automatic delivery to every 9 weeks instead of 10, $50 for 2 months worth of good quality food is quite reasonable.

Nothing much happening besides working on wedding stuff. Joy is the mother of the bride for the 12/14/13 wedding, daughter is in school in Alabama, but she managed to get her and the groom here in town to sign a contract each and get them back to me. She's having trouble with PayPal, I'm waiting for her call so I can walk her through it. I know the links work, they have been used successfully a few times already.

They are so cool! PayPal takes a small fee, they email me when a payment has been received and I go in to their website and direct them to send the funds to my bank account. I move 20% provisional tax to my business savings account for next years tax. So simple!

The bride wants a sand ceremony, I picked Wendy's brain, she sent me links to her fav ceremonies. I shall borrow text from them and send them to the bride to choose/edit.

I haven't heard back from Pam, hope they aren't gonna fire me! ;-) No biggie if they do though. It's month end, she is probably 'flat out like a lizard drinking' (Aussie for busy).

I'm reading a real book written by real CSIs (Crime Scene Investigators), in smaller towns where they don't have the expensive technology that is shown on American TV, and they wear Tyvek suits, not high heels with boobs hanging out for the women, and muscles bulging for the men. Always fascinating! I watched the latest Bones last night, they finally got hitched after a glitch of course. I love that show, watch the reruns over and over again, they are on every afternoon at the moment.