on a iPhone 4, yep older model, only does 3G, but we don't have 4G in Tucson so it doesn't matter anyway. My basic flip phone was costing me $35 for talk only a month with Cricket. They want $400 for an iPhone 4 and then I would get unlimited talk/text/data for $35 a month, no contract.

Virgin Mobile has the same iPhone for $200 and for $30 a month I get 300 mins talk, unlimited text and data, no contract. I researched the less expensive phones with Virgin and none of them got as good a reviews as the iPhone 4, even the ones at the same price. So I ordered one in white, sick of smudgy, reflective black. It has Blue Tooth, oh goodie, I have a BlueTooth ear piece somewhere, must find it. The phone should be here by the end of the week. It will be great to have the internet wherever I go. I might go to a free class at the Apple Store as I have never touched an Apple product.

New iPhone 5S are $800, you get them for nothing supposedly, with a 2 year contract but you are paying at least $55 a month for talk/text/data, so you are paying off the phone in that monthly payment it seems. I am happy with the deal I got, it will be a lot of fun messing with a new toy. Then I can have 5 gadgets on the bed with me when I am 'conducting business'. ;-)

I did get pizza this week. Ordered my fav, Cali Bacon Chicken ranch, replaced tomato with onion, on thin and crispy crust, damn it's GOOD! Enough for 4 generous meals, I'll be sniffling and get a bloated belly for a few days, but it's worth it.

Turns out the couple getting married on December 14th are leaving for Germany 2 weeks later. He is in the military. Her mother, Joy, called and asked how fast I can file the signed copy of the certificate for them to get copies that they need to get her papers to go to Germany with her husband. Seems it it will take 7-10 days, I suggested that they take the bottom portion in to the court themselves and see if they can rush it. Joy just called back and the court says it is my decision whether they file it or I do, I said they can but I will make them sign a waiver that it is their responsibility. Getting their deposit today.

As you know, you can't judge a book by it's cover. I got the vows from the immature Zachery and they made me cry, so beautiful! He is so respectful and madly in love with Brittini, how precious! I hope I can officiate their bigger wedding in 2 years time also. Ahhhhhh! So wonderful to be surrounded by all the love, just what I needed...