moving up on Google, now on page 3 searching for 'Tucson Wedding Officiant' and 'Wedding Officiant Tucson'. Thanks to those here that are helping. Getting my new clients to access my website to pay their fees via PayPal is helping too I'm sure.

The wedding this weekend didn't pan out but I did get another referral from Wendy for a Saturday wedding in December in a garden. 65 attendees, my biggest yet. I had to ask Pam if I can get somebody to cover me for 1.5 hrs again, this is not good. But I didn't want to have to pass the client on to strangers and $150 is much better than $13.50. I may have to give up my weekend job if this trend continues. ;-)

I did nod off a few times trying to read this morning after I did the wedding, but then had to get an email and contract off to my new client.

We've got windy, cool, cloudy days for the next few, down to 69F on Wednesday, should be 80F.

I spotted a Hawk having a bath, then it cooperated further by flying up to sit on one of the dead cholla cactus spine and displaying his back view.
Beautiful back markings!