and my heart is still pounding.

My first wedding is done! They arrived a half hour early, I wasn't even dressed yet. I had the front door open, heard them pull up and raced in to the bedroom to throw on my clothes.

A very cute, reserved couple, lower 20s, with two gal pals armed with cameras as witnesses. They didn't have the envelope that I am to return the certificate in, but I will put it in with the other one that I will be completing at Thursday's wedding. They are having a Halloween wedding reception this afternoon with friends. The significance of the day is their 1st anniversary is April 28th, so they have only known each other 6 months. Bless their hearts!

I had told my neighbor, Christine that I would be conducting a wedding at 9am today, we were out there at 8:30 and she was in her home clothes out watering the beasts. LOL

I did get an enquiry to do a wedding yesterday for next Saturday at sunset! Just waiting to hear where they want it, here for $100, somewhere within 45 mins of my home for $150. I can work til 4pm and race to wherever they want the ceremony in time to get it done at sunset. There will be a dozen or so at that wedding.

I gotta calm my nerves. Back to bed with a Margarita would be good, been awake since 2:30am in anticipation...