sounds almost like a cat miaowing. I wonder what it is.

A video of cats in water:

Yesterday morning I heard croaking! I never would have thought that the desert would be a place for frogs/toads but apparently it is.

They start like any other:
A juvenile, don't know if they are all this fat:
Piggy back:

This is a desert frog:

On a nicer note... I met with Brittini and Zachery last evening. They brought their baby daughter, I forgot her name, maybe 6 months old, very cute for a baby. I am allergic to babies. They said she is a very calm baby and hope she is during the ceremony, they both obviously love her though he was jokingly going to dump her out of the carrier.

B & Z are very immature, he more than she, this whole marriage thing seems so blase to them. There will be 10 people there including Zachery's grandparents driving over from California. B&Z are from Kansas, no affiliation with UofA, just wanted to be married on a mountain. Brittini was a tad forlorn when I asked if anybody was going to give her away and she said no. Pops will hold the rings. They are writing their own vows but want the traditional 'with this ring I thee wed... through sickness and in health til death us do part'.

I asked if somebody will be taking photos as I would like one for my website, now that I have my own website I can post pics, working under Kent's website I couldn't add pics. My lil lie as my first wedding is tomorrow! ;-) She said that she doesn't want to be photographed (maybe because of extra weight due to having her daughter) but she would give me one. They are having it videoed. No dressing up for Halloween though she is making Zachery wear a suit and tie. I am curious to see their vows. Sun is setting just after 5:30, I am going to be there by 4:45 and hope everyone else is ready by 5pm. We have to walk aways on a path to get to the gazebo, I don't want to be walking back in the dark!

Off to work. Apparently the branch manager laid in to the agents at the last meeting about shirking their floor agent duties. I did get an email from an agent who steps in when the branch manager is away, she apologized and told me to call her whenever I need somebody on the weekends and said that they are lucky to have me there and thanked me. That helps.

Terri is on floor duty this afternoon, we always have fun. She is so kindly going to cover me when I do the wedding on a Sunday in December. I offered to take her to lunch or dinner in kindness. At least there is plenty of work to do these days, I always get most of it done on Saturday so I can take it easy on Sunday, there is always an agent calling wanting something though. I do my best to accommodate.