Kokee was known at TT (Total Terrorist), he has turned in to a lil angel!

Ketley has her moments, but has settled down quite a bit. We were having a gentle moment here, she loves her scratches, I still can't get used to her beautifully soft fur.

Recently the oldest, the queen of the castle, Kaiya, has turned in to a brat. Here she is looking down at her handiwork. There are big chunks, down to half inch thick pulled away and a lot of scraps on the floor. Kokee had to have a look too.

Don't know if you folks over the pond have heard of Craig's List. It is a website where you can advertize anything for free. I don't see any ads on it so I don't know how they make their $. It's been around 10 years now I think. I have found all my tenants on there over the years. It had quite the salacious 'personals' section until 'The Craigs List Killer' emerged in New England. Some whacko was meeting women through Craigs List and killing them, needless to say his fiancee was mortified, 'You've got the wrong guy!'. They tastefully stopped the 'personals' section.

Anyway, I put an ad for my Wedding Officiant services and got a request from it last night. Tiffany B is being married next Jan. 2nd at Westward Look, close to my home. She is enquiring about my fee. I'm guessing this is going to be a large wedding, so I quoted $150 +$50 if she wants me at a rehearsal. I sent that, recommended Michael's photography service and my 'Save the Date' and wedding invitation service, I hope I hear back that she wants me! I emailed Michael that he might hear from her and told them about advertising on Craigs List, they've helped me out so much I had to tell them that it works and if they aren't on there, to get on there.

The affirmation I have added 'My finances are growing everyday!' is working, as are the 'weight loss' affirmations. I gained a few lbs. oinking out on Snickers bars, I still am oinking out on them but nearly 4 weeks later I can feel the weight falling off again. REALLY powerful things affirmations are, need to stick with them until your negative thoughts are truly banished and the things you are 'suggesting' are coming true. I will keep doing them, switching them out to suit whatever is going on in my life at the time, reinforcing things that have changed for the better. Louise L Hay is a huge proponent of Affirmations in her 'You Can Heal Your Life' book, she still does them every day in her 80s. She 'talked' her way out of cancer. As soon as I wake up my arms are open wide and I say 'I am open to ALL things good!'

I was awake at 3:30am this morning, no getting back to sleep. Been reading and conducting business as usual in bed. (LOVE my caricature, Max, tempted to put it on my website.) Then up at noon to take back the ill fitting clothes to Coldwater Creek. That's all that is on the agenda today. Bacon, hominy grits and egg concoction for brekkie today.