Today it was important for me to sort out my closet. The left third is the sheets in the shelves to the left, the rolled up t-shirts (I'm rolling Mickey!), and sweats on the shoe rack below, on the rail above are winter tops and winter jackets. The middle section is the laundry basket, all pants, and spring/summer/fall jackets and bath towels on the top. Third section is shoes, more spring/summer/fall jackets and blouses, then skirts on the far right. Look up above their is some spare room in case the t-shirts get unfolded by the cats and need to be moved. Every day it is important to soak up my desert view: Today it was important to repackage the cooked chicken for freezing. $5 worth of chicken, quite the deal I think, it is good for 8 meals. And of course it is always important to color co-ordinate the kitchen with complimentary dish cloths. Joking! ;-) Lastly, it was important to me to get Monday's wedding documentation completed. The copy of the vows is on the right of the folder, the marriage license will be placed in the left in the left pouch for the couple to keep. This is a copy of my script, it can be tossed after the ceremony. The short lines are the 'repeat after me' lines, can't have them too long to remember. Lastly are the couples vows they will read to each other. The clipboard holds the pen and will have the marriage license on it for everybody to sign.