I got an email from Wendy yesterday saying she had sent me a referral the previous day via text to my cell phone and hadn't hear back yet. I explained I have a simple, inexpensive cell phone that does not receive texts. The bride to be liked one of the ceremonies in a video on Wendy's website. Wendy is generous to share the ceremony with the bride and myself and she said she was surprised that I had not heard from the bride to be as yet. I asked if I could contact her. Wendy gave me her name and phone number. I left a voicemail message. Tis kinda weird the 2 referrals I have gotten from Wendy have not 'borne fruit'.

I asked Wendy if she or Michael can recommend a fancy phone/carrier. She said to go in to a store and play with the phones to figure out which one I want. Good idea! I noticed a phone store in Walmart yesterday. All carriers and brands and as I was looking I was not accosted by a sales person which always impresses me. Some of those fancy phones are HUGE, like the size of a postcard. To get them inexpensively you have to sign up for a 2 year contract, with that cost included in your monthly bill it's like $60 a month for service. I'm not willing to pay that much just yet. I'll go back in there when I am ready.

One of the realtors, Terri Maxey, had said if I ever need to leave work early on a weekend to do a wedding she would be happy to cover for me. I contacted her, offered her a free lunch or dinner, and she said she'd be happy to do it on 12/8. I emailed Pam, my supervisor and she said that was fine and will put Terri on the roster for that afternoon. She said if Terri can't do it for some reason to let her know and she would cover for me. WoW! What great people I have in my life, I am blissed.

Yes, I said blissed. Americans like to say 'I am blessed' when something good happens to them. That terms is too 'religious' for me and last night at the new meetup I heard somebody say 'I am blissed'. I like that MUCH better. The new meetup is based around a movement 'Brave Heart Women', helping to heal the world. A great concept. A lovely group of women. That is once a month, close to home and FREE, so I shall go along.

My clothes arrived from Coldwater Creek, 5 of the 12 items do not fit or I don't like the fabric so I shall take them back for a refund. My closet is full, it needs to be rearranged. Because I have no linen closet I have sheets and towels stuffed on the shelves in there also. I have space in my bedroom and would love a nice multi drawered bureau but the the natural cherrywood I would like to match my bedset would be too expensive right now. So I have to rearrange my closet. I can't use the low hanging bar as anything hung down there would be covered in cat hair quick smart. I have put a wire rack for shoes there that only has 2 pairs of shoes on it. So I shall take some of my 'home only' clothes, t-shirts, shorts, sweat pants and fold and put them on those shelves. See how long it is before they are pull off and played with by Ketley. She has managed to pull down sheets from the other shelves, the side ones and the top ones by climbing my clothes. Grow up Ketley and leave them the heck alone!

I gotta work on wedding stuff today too, might not get to the movies this week. We reached 90F/30C yesterday, our last blast of Indian Summer, down in the 70s next week, thank you Universe! I LOVED it.