TEP (Tucson Electrical Power) has changed their hours for off and on peak. Used to be I had to get washing/drying, baking and dishwasher running done before noon to get some savings, now off peak is 10-5pm during the week, which makes MUCH more sense. But I forgot this morning and got the washer running then remembered to check the new times on the fridge magnet they sent me. Now to remember to start it up again at 10am.

I woke up to 3 patches of once wet now dried, messy barf on the tiled floor in the guest bathroom. Two of them right on the big, fat grout line. I set wet pieces of papertowel to soften and soak up most of it, then had to scrub the grout. Turned out pretty well, thank goodness.

While putting back my mini rice cooker bowl and lid in the fridge, the glass lid started sliding and down it went on the tiles and smashed to smithereens. It's like it is in slow motion and you know you can do something to stop it but you don't. I was barefoot, so had to watch where I stepped to sweep up all the glass. One piece hit me near the ankle and I had blood streaming down in the mix. Bleech! I'll have to call and see if I can get a new lid otherwise I shall be putting foil over it with a wee vent hole in it.

Wedding No. 4 booked for Sunday, December 8th at 4pm. Will have to get off work early. Tis a larger wedding, 65 people, at the Arizona Historical Society Museum downtown. I'm charging $175 for this one, she was very happy with the price. They was a simple ceremony, don't need to meet in person. Oh boy! This is soooo cool. She found me on Kent's site. Thank you Kent!

Do you end up with a bunch of draft blogs? It seems every time I create one, once it is published I end up with an empty draft. I have to go in to drafts, select each one individually to delete them. So unnecessary!