dancing through my head.

That's how it was last night. Asleep about 11:30pm only to be woken at 1:38am with visions of weddings dancing through my head. Lasted a good hour before I gave up, turned on the light and read for an hour or so and got back to sleep. At least I slept until 7am, so I ended up with my usual 5 hours of sleep.

Angel and Eric's wedding, his ex-wife back east is basically stopping him from contacting his children, mean cow. BUT they are going to stream their wedding to their parents via iPad cam. Their color scheme is pink and green, I shall wear a pink t-shirt with my black jacket and skirt. He might be in his air force blues. She doesn't have anybody to give her away, but her daughter wants to be a flower girl and her son will carry the rings. If she wants to make an entrance, she can do so from my home out the back gate. Sounds like it is going to be a bitter sweet wedding for them without his children but I suggested they record the wedding and have a special message for his children for them to see.

Lisa emailed she would be in the office at 1pm to write me a check yesterday, I emailed I would be there about 2pm, thinking I would do some shopping before I dropped off the bulk mailing. Later I thought I would drop first and shop after, so cold stuff wouldn't melt. I emailed her that I would be there about 1pm. She emailed back in a very professional manner, she can't remember that I go by Summer but the check needs to be in Susan. She addressed the email to Susan and said she was on an appt. with a client and would be in the office 1:30-2:00. So I dallied until 1:45, got gas and then dropped the mailing only to find no check. Rolls eyes.... I'll have to go back today to get it.

I ended up finding spears of mango and pineapple at Walmart cheaper than at TJ's. A larger container, twice the size, for less than twice the $. I also found 'just chicken' there for a similar price, got 6 more bottles of Propel Dark Cherry Water, YAY! $1 each there, they are $1.45+ everywhere else. I got ingredients to make that black bean soup with onion and cumin, sounds scrumptious! Also ingredients for the bacon, onion, CoC soup concoction for weekend lunch. That was nice 'n filling last weekend. Oops I forgot tapioca. The mini ones are a nice treat for dessert in the office. I can pick some up this afternoon when I am picking up the check. Better get some cash too, not $1 in my wallet.

Jeanie has an interview this afternoon, so we have postponed our late lunch to an early dinner some time the week after next. I want to keep next week clear as I have the two weddings. I am getting excited! I will make up the checklist for my meeting with Brittany & Zachery on Saturday, and find a nice border to put on the print outs of the vows for Dustin and Samantha's wedding on Monday morning. It will be chilly and the mountains will be hazy. He does have somebody taking pics, I will give them my card and ask for a photo for my website and then send a card with the pic on it to the newlyweds congratulating them and asking if they would give me a 2 line testimonial to go with their pic on my website. They don't know they are my first wedding and they will never know. ;-)

I will still go to the meetup this afternoon, a Soul to Soul Connection meetup for women, kinda close to home. They seem to move to different members homes. I could offer my home for one if I enjoy the meetup today.

Movie and mediterannean food Thursday or Friday. Oh I have to book the car in for a service, 99,000 miles on her, in a few months 100,000 will tick over.

Have fab days if you are not already! I'm off to sit in the sun in my living room. 87F/29C today, love it!