and vow suggestions to Angel and Eric for their Nov. 14th wedding. I suggested, if they want to include his children back east in the ceremony, to have one of their friends with a cell phone or pad camera stream it live and they can talk to the children. See what they think of that.

Today is a do nothing day, well I do have to stuff the other half of letters in to envelopes, will do that when I am watching TV this evening. Tomorrow I will seal the envelopes, deliver them and get some groceries in the house. Wednesday is a late lunch with Jeanie at ‘The Parish’, Gastro Fusion southern food. Sounds fab! And a new meetup in the evening. Thursday or Friday will be a movie, meal at the Mediterranean restaurant. 'Haute Cuisine' sounds fun: Based on the extraordinary true story of French President François Mitterand's private chef, Haute Cuisine follows the impassioned and talented Hortense Laborie (Catherine Frot), a successful cook living in relative obscurity in the Périgord. Much to her astonishment, Hortense is recruited by none other than the President of the Republic (Jean D'Ormesson) for her ability to create dishes reminding him of his childhood. He appoints her his personal cook, the first woman ever responsible for creating meals in the kitchen of the Élysée Palace. Hortense's indomitable spirit and tireless devotion to the art of authentic cuisine win her the President's respect and affection, but also the fierce jealousy of the veteran chefs preparing 300-person state banquets. Amid rigid protocol and suffocating bureaucracy a battle for influence over the head of state rages among the kitchen staff, and Hortense sets out to prove that she can take the heat. From writer/director Christian Vincent (La Séparation). (Dir. by Christian Vincent, 2012, France, in French with English subtitles, 95 mins., Rated PG-13, Weinstein Company) Digital
Here are pics of the new furniture arrangement for winter with the sun streaming in:
Makes for great TV viewing from all seating, well except the dining table and chairs. The table is set, let me know when you are arriving.