When I am driving out of my community somebody always has their garage door open. Some more than others. One guy's garage has dozens of baseball caps hanging in it, guess the wife said 'Those aren't hanging in MY house!' or some such thing, so they were relegated to the garage.

This morning a new garage door was open and in front of it was a gal sitting in a rocking chair in her PJ's and slippers reading the newspaper and soaking up the morning sun. How cute!

I finally heard from sis, she said when she got to the hospital with Dad, Mom just cried and cried and cried. She was in for one more day and then Laurie took her home. The next day she and Dad got more groceries and Laurie cooked them up a big meal, enough for another meal. She made them brunch on Sunday and then went home. I'll give Mom a call when I get home from work today.

I got an email from Kent referring a bride to be to me for a wedding on Thursday, Nov. 14th. I replied to her that I would love to conduct her wedding ceremony. It's only them, their 2 children and 4 friends. I suggested my backyard for $100. I hope she replies. I suggested including their children in the ceremony, that might tug at her heart strings. I had just posted this and I got an email from Angel and she wants me to do the ceremony in my backyard at 1pm and she LOVES the idea of including the children in the ceremony. YAY!!!

I also got the ok to print up Dustin & Samantha's vows, they loved what I sent them. They are good to go. Though I asked if somebody is taking photos for them, if not one of their witnesses can use my camera and I will email the photos to them. They have to have photos! I have to make up a checklist to take to my meeting with Brittini & Zachery next Saturday, make sure we have everything covered for them.

Even after the manager sending out an email to all the agents about them being lax with floor duty, I am left without a floor agent all day today and didn't have one yesterday morning. I dread the phone ringing and I can't help a new client, I have to take their name and number and find somebody to help them, so unprofessional. Besides it's lonely and I have to be frugal with potty breaks in case the phone rings. I do need to out the back of the office occasionally for other reasons and I can't hear the phone back there. I was met with a ringing phone this morning, while talking to that person the other phone was ringing and there was a voicemail message. Then a couple came in with a signed Counter Offer. They finally got a house! The guy said his mother's last name is Skoog too, from Minnesota of course.

Now I've got a difficult situation of putting in a new listing for a block of land and I don't have all the details, like no street address because there isn't one, so how do I list it? I called and emailed the agent yesterday and they didn't answer, there are some things I just don't know and it makes me feel uncomfortable when I shouldn't have to. Oh Clarita called and wants me to find the spare key to her office to see what her printer cartridge number is as she is in the store right now. I explained my predicament, she still insisted, but then I couldn't find the key anyway. What's next?