Warning! Warning! This blog contains a bunch of nonsensical tripe I just feel like blabbing... ;-)

It seems that I didn't get the receptionist job I interviewed for last Wednesday, they said they would have a decision on Friday and I didn't get the call to say I got it. Just as well I am not really ready to give up my lazy life just yet and it helps keep my tax liability down for this year. My accountant said I will owe about $2.5K instead of $4K which is nice. She sent me a certificate to send with a check to the IRS early in January, so they don't think I am trying to pull a fast one not paying my tax liability. Then when my taxes are done later in February I will probably just break even. I'll hang on to the extra $1.5K JIC (just in case). If I don't need it for taxes I can keep that to have a REALLY good time when Denise & Robert are here next May. SLAP (Sounds Like A Plan)

I did upload Take 1 of the video to my website. I just looked at it here in the office and my voice doesn't synch with my mouth, didn't do that at home. Weird. It's here if you are not sick to death of it already. http://www.openheartsunite.com/#!officiants/cjg9 When I was with Michael and Wendy doing this, Michael asked how many weddings I have to do, I told him 2 at the end of the month. He said that is great, the current season is winding down so it is a great start. I agree. There are some weddings at Christmas and New Year, see if I can snag one or two then. I asked if they are in Tucson to stay, they kinda chuckled and said it is up for debate but probably not, maybe Henderson NV in a few years. I will help them move so I can get their business! ;-) I did not hear from the bride to be that Wendy referred on, for a wedding next May. Can't take it personally, they have to be happy with who they choose so they have every right to be discerning.

Office is dead quiet. Got a wrong number, wanted a cement company, then a guy asking for somebody who is not on our list of agents and then one of the agents asking me to hold 2 tickets for the Home & Garden show, that must be where all the agents are. Just got a call from an agent that wanted me to put a price change in. I could not as there was a marketing range that needed to be changed first. I don't know how she is the biggest earner her, sells millions worth of homes, she can be quite nasty. She's got a New Yawk squawk, not the most pleasant accent to listen to, with her ascerbic wit, it could put a lot of people off. Perhaps she is different with clients, I hope so! She was calling me 'baby girl' after she insulted me, kinda weird... She wants me to put in a new listing today, they are fun to do. Gives me something to do, no floor agent to chat with this morning. Funny Evan should be in this afternoon, he always turns up for floor duty and has me laughing. He wants to join SOC but can't get his act together to give me a list of clients for me to create a database for him to upload in to SOC. I said I will help him, inside the office or out, to get him up and running with it.

Picked up a bulk mailing from Lisa yesterday in a big box that was heavy and hard to get in my car. I have to ask her to put it in the two trays again. I know the other agents can be snoopy but she can call me and I will be there when she is there and she doesn't need to leave them at reception. I'm not too fond of the habit she has gotten in to of having them ready on a Thursday. It eats in to my weekend days of Friday/Monday and I have to work on it after working at realtor office on the weekend, makes for long days. Oh well, I guess beggars can't be choosers. This'll be $108 tax free.

Oh I did rearrange the furniture, I'll try and take some pics soon. Tis kind of ampitheater like surrounding the TV. The dining table is in a new place. I've already thought how I will arrange it before D&R get here next year. Put the TV on a different wall altogether, opposite where it is now, the sun is gone from my living room by about 9am so the glare won't be there and the furniture will be on the side that doesn't get sun in summer time.

I tried a new gluten free granola/muesli this morning, very delicious actually. See if I can get it cheaper having it regularly delivered from Amazon. That is quick and easy to have before work on the weekends with a piece of fruit and a couple of slices of cheese. Friday and Monday are egg 'n bacon days and Tues-Thurs are grits days. I did cook up the onion, bacon, CoC soup, extra chicken concoction last night. Mushrooms would be good in it too, damn I forgot I did have some. Oops! Brought some for lunch today with an apple and a teeny Tapioca for desert.

The damn ants bit me twice last night on my leg. I figured out how they were getting there. I had left a Snickers bar wrapper in my shorts pocket and hung them over a rack in my bedroom. I also sling my sleeping t-shirt over it too. So they got up in my shorts and on to the T-shirt and then I wore it to bed. The dastardly deeders! A few are still hanging around, the cold should get rid of them soon. Have you ever seen them in a death spiral? I saw it on CSI the other day. There were hundreds of them running round and round in perfect circle, they do it until they die of exhaustion. One of the stuck his finger is the terrarium to break them up and save them.

Haven't heard from my sis yet, she was taking her own IPad to email me once she saw Mom in the hospital. She's been there 2 days already...

Tis gonna be a loooooooooong day here in the office. YAWN I left the front door open, 80F/25C today.