Probably not. But I had a lot of fun making these promo vids for
Which is your fav?

We did about a dozen takes, 8 full videos and 4 fluffs were redone. Wendy and Michael were here for a couple of hours. They LOVE my setting, said the straight on view from my living room is the best place for weddings, no need to traipse in to the desert in full wedding regalia. We had Margaritas and cheese and crackers. They are a fun couple and ever helpful and generous which I really appreciate.

They had a wedding a couple of weeks ago up at Windy Point on Mt. Lemmon. Well, it was supposed to be, at sunset. But there was a car wreck on the road up and traffic was at a standstill. The couple managed to find most of the wedding party in their cars, no cell phone coverage, and they found a park down the mountain to do the ceremony in the near dark. The maid of honor didn’t make it in time. They took it in their stride, what an adventure!