Dad noticed her starting to act strange again and called an ambulance. With her first attack of delirium putting her in the hospital for 10 days a few months back, they said it would probably happen again and to get her in quick so she doesn't 'lose' days (and act out bizarrely) like she did last time.

All because she refuses to drink a lot of water. She has to flush her system out. She has a low grade urinary tract infection all the time, when it gets stronger she gets a fever and goes in to delirium. She hates having to get out of bed at night to go pee. We told her to wear a diaper or drink a lot of water up until say 2pm on the days that she is not going out anywhere. She won't listen. Keeping hydrated to her is drinking coffee, that has the opposite effect.

After Dad dropped her at the hospital he went grocery shopping. I hope he got some fun food for himself. My sis was very proud of him. Mom had gotten angry and nasty in her old age, everything she has been holding in for decades is spewing out and Dad is copping the lot. She won't let him drive, yet she was the one that crashed in to the neighbors garage. He has totally lost confidence. They sit around at home in misery.

My poor ole sis, I hadn't heard from her in 2 months. Heard from Mom that her husband was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Sis called me yesterday, has been very down. She wanted her retirement to be her and her husband travelling the world, instead she is a carer for him and Mom & Dad whenever she does the 2.5 hour drive to them to stay a few days. She has been hoping to find a part time job, didn't want to be retired just yet, but her health forced her to 1.5 years ago. She is fine with a pacemaker in and her ankle has healed fine.

To get unemployment insurance she has had to volunteer at a garden, in the shop and gardens. Apparently they have been asking her to do stuff she is not comfortable doing so she has given it up and decided to give up the UI and looking for work and has applied for a carer pension.

I feel so bad for her, am encouraging her to continue with a Ukelele group she got the courage to join, they play bluegrass music and sing. She has a great voice. She has found solace in her own garden and it is looking great.

All of the state of New South Wales in Australia is tinder dry. It is only spring and bushfires are raging, she had to drive 1.5 hours to get her husband to an appointment which normally takes half an hour, had to go a long way around due to road closures. There is a huge pall of smoke over there home.

I've rearranged the furniture. The cats are going crazy chasing each other all over it, a new obstacle course. Kokee was miaowing like crazy, up and down off the kitchen counter. I thought he didn't like the furniture arrangement. Nope, apparently I left the fridge door open and it was beeping, I thought it was a noise outside, he was trying to tell me it was the fridge, smart cat.

Damn cold this morning, 42F/6C, feels like 36F/2C. Warm me up sun!

Give me ideas to take for lunch at work. I am sick of salad, can't do sandwiches. Cheese and rice crackers are ok I guess. I do love Dill Havarti. Summer fruit is gone, I dislike winter fruit. Spose I can make some of that thick black bean soup with cumin and toss some cheese in. That pumpkin soup was good too. Gotta be thick, creamy soup, not brothy. Some curried chicken for dinner I think.