if they don't give me that job. 35 minutes door to door, no traffic, wide open desert, 55mph most of the way.

Nice 'n easy job like my weekend job. Just need to keep the customers happy. They are still selling homes in the community, very nice area, beautiful mountain views on two sides, Tortolitas and Santa Catalinas. So it will be like the realtor's office in that way, also assisting homeowners with facilities and by-law questions. Beautiful 3 year old building. I can't use the pool, dang, the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch.

I was telling him about my desert backyard and how I love to take photos, he said I could be their resident photographer for events. Alrighty then! The other part time receptionist is going on maternity leave, so they might want me full time 6-12 weeks, yikes! I said it may be possible. Told them that I have a wedding to officiate on the 31st, he said they could work around that. All sounds good to me, just gotta make it worth my while $ wise. I won't drive that for $9-10, I will for $11-12. I'll know on Friday.

Presuming I will get this job I did order a bunch more 50+% off or more clothes from Coldwater Creek, 2 jackets, 2 skirts and 8 tops, all are returnable. I did look great in my flowery flowy skirt, purple T-shirt and new (used) black blazer, got that for $19 from La Bella recycled clothing store. Got a lacy stretchy jacket too for warmer weddings for $25. I'll be going back there for some winter clothes. I didn't see anything over $25.

I think I will move the furniture around today, a chilly 79F/24C. Below average temps predicted for the rest of the month, poop! I'll vacuum while I am doing it. One of the sofas will be in the sun for winter, so I can bask in the warmth in the mornings.

Got the ice maker going to make Margaritas for Wendy and Michael after Michael shoots my video tomorrow afternoon. Wendy sent an email saying she referred me to a gal for her wedding next May. An hour from home on a weekend, I'll have to trade a day with one of the other gals. I hope she contacts me, that will be a $249 wedding.

Christine and Jim, my neighbors, are playing hookey from work today, I wonder if they are retiring. I know Jim has been threatening to since he turned 60 a few weeks ago. He has 3 different pensions to live on, they will probably move back up the west coast in the cold and rain somewhere, he HATES the heat. You go guys!

No ants today, YAY!!