until noon. I've been sleeping til 6:30 most mornings, my mood has been ok thank goodness. I do wake up 4ish but get back to sleep. This morning I woke after a financial nightmare, discovered my deposit for my new home had disappeared!

I'm reading a cute lil murder mystery that takes place in the Shetland Islands way up above Scotland, across from Bergen, Norway. Wish I could hear their accents, just for a wee while as I probably couldn't understand it anyway. ;-)

I'm off to get the last $2.70 off my unemployment card. They issued me with a new one even though I told them I no longer need to claim. I will look in the recycled clothing store near there, a few women I have spoken to shop there. Need to find a black jacket. Not sure where I will go if I can't find one there, perhaps Kohls, not going to go cheap with that, want a decent quality jacket.

If they offer me $12 or more and hour for the job I am interviewing for tomorrow, I shall take it. I'll be getting up at 6:30 and driving 35 mins. With a bit of luck I will get a free lunch from the restaurant there. Maybe I can use the pool too, would do laps after work. I would have Monday, Tuesday morning and Friday off. When I am earning more doing weddings I should be able to pay all the bills with my earnings from my 6 part time jobs.

I did hear from the LGBT center they are totally impressed with my experience and want me bad. LOL They will let me know the schedule later this week, probably start next week.

Life IS good in my neighborhood! My grits are brewing in the rice cooker this morning, some cheese and an apple will round out that tasty meal.