then got up to clear up the latest infestation of ants. They liked my brekkkie as much as I did. Property manager says pest control is my responsibility

Grabbed a black cherry propel, every month or two I can grab 8-10 at Walmart for $1 each, cheapest anywhere, and saw how beautiful it is outside. So I pulled shorts and a t-shirt and am sitting in the shade with a slight breeze, just PERFECT! Just the occasional bird twitter or hum of the hummingbird. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm in heaven,

I did BBQ last week, damn coals would not stay lit, doused them 3 times with lighter fluid before they finally got some heat going but not enough to thoroughly cook the ribs and sweet potatoes, I nuked some for dinner, ribs were tough. Might try more tonight from the freezer.

I'll sit here til I get chilly, probably nod off...

Got interrupted by the phone, the 2 day a week job I applied for wants me in for an interview 9am Wednesday. Tis 35 mins from home, in a town called Oracle, good run for the car, I'd need good $ to pay for the gas to get there though. See what they have to say. Google La Hacienda Club, Saddlebrooke Ranch, quite an upscale establishment.

This Gila Woodpecker was squawking up a storm. They're baa-aaack! Seems they fly somewhere cooler in summer and come back in fall. I heard one rat a tat tatting on somebody's satellite dish this morning. Looks to have some yellow on its belly.

This coyote came by for a drink of water later this afternoon:

It was scratching it's face here.