I'm sick to death of the dude. His voice is shot but he is launching another album? PUH-leeeeeeeeeze! I hope all the proceeds, if there are any, are going to charity. As if he needs any more millions...

Finally heard back from Wingspan, the LGBT org here in Tucson, about volunteering opportunities. They sound like they are in a bit of a mess, really need some organizing, they are concentrating on writing for grants and trying to expand all their programs and get more volunteers on board. The gal outlined a schedule of Administrative support, morning and afternoon shifts during the week. I volunteered for Tuesday afternoons. I'd be fine starting tomorrow people.

I'd applied for a receptionist role, 2 days (Wed/Thurs) up in the retirement community called Saddlebrooke, just north of Catalina, about 25 mins away. C'mon people, snap me up! A few of our agents lives up there, I should have dropped some names. ;-)

Work was really busy on the weekend, didn't have much time to mess around. The phone didn't ring much but I had plenty of stuff to do which of course makes the time go fast which is great. Sunday morning one of the young, newer agents, Jennifer, was the floor agent. She'd gotten a walk in the first week she'd started, sold them a $700K house. A really nice young gal with a new baby. We were talking about my business, she said she got married in California, I asked where, she said northern, I said I lived in Santa Rosa, anywhere near there? She said Livermore, east bay. Well hello! I lived there for 9 years in 4 different homes. Turns out I went to junior high with her Aunt, wasn't friends with her but I definitely knew the name and looked her up in a yearbook when I got home, very pretty girl, like Jennifer. Her husband comes from Virginia, a small town I rode my motorcycle through quite a few times. Small world!

I did get the chosen vows from Dustin. I'd sent some personally written vows for them to perhaps adapt. They chose some beautiful vows. I typed out the whole script, the 'we are gathered here...', their vows (they want them on cards to read to each other), then some standard exchange rings vows (they are holding on to each others rings until then) and then the 'I now pronounce you...' Told them to take their time reading and fine tuning them to their specific requirements. They sound so young, are coming with friends, I've asked them all to supply ID. 18 years back from 2013 is 1995... WoW! I could be their grandma!

The damn ants are back with a vengeance. Have been the last few days, can't leave anything unwashed in the sink which I usually do. They've gotten in my bed and have bitten me. Tossed all the bedding in the wash. They got in the dishwasher and got washed away. I thought they would have left with the cooler morning, nope! I splashed vinegar along the floor where they are coming out, did not deter them.

Discovered an old TV series called 'Life' to watch. A cop spent 12 years wrongfully convicted years in jail, he is out and back on the job with a new Zen attitude. He got a multi million $ pay out, doesn't need to work, but wants to. Some of the cops are giving him hell, he doesn't give it back, ahhhh ooooooooooom, kills 'em with kindness. New technology confuses him of course, what's an IM? Quite funny, great lil show, got a few dozen episodes to watch.

Lazy day, temp in the low 80s. Bacon, hominy grits and eggs for brekky, yummo!