really identical if one of them is gay?

I was watching a 'Say Yes to the Bridesmaids Dress' this morning. The bride, her identical twin gay sister, their other sister and the gay's sister's partner were there for the sisters to try on bridesmaids dresses. The gay bridesmaid hasn't worn a dress since '96 and her partner is really feeling her discomfort in being 'forced' to wear a dress, thinks she should be in a pant suit. She told the bride she should let her sister wear a pant suit.

The bride asked her gay sister if she thought she was trying to change her. She said 'Yes you are!' Commercial break 'Just kidding!' she said. 'It is your wedding, I can do this for you for just one day.' I'm glad. The partner should not have said anything to the bride, it was a matter between sisters.

I do prefer 'Say Yes to the (Wedding) Dress' much more, not quite so much angst. I am watching it to hear the bride's stories and seeing one of the weddings at the end of the show. Research my Wedding Officiant job of course!

Two weeks today I meet with Brittini and Zachery, they are getting really excited. I'll make a list of questions for the. Two weeks tomorrow Dustin and Samantha are getting married in my 'backyard' at 9am. They are finalizing their vows. I need to know how many in the party. Are they exchanging rings, if so, who will be holding them? What are they wearing? Do they have a preference of what I am wearing? Tis going to be cool, high 50s probably, I have to buy a black jacket.

Michael, the officiant, said my website being on the 5th and 6th pages is a good start. I need people to access my website the normal way and through and other websites I am on to improve it's ranking. Time will tell! It turns out that Kent told Dustin to call me, I thought he found me through one of the other websites.

I put 10 business cards in the holder and hung it over my car window. See if any of those get taken. McKenna, the gal who is in LOVE with Send Out Cards so much so she upper her subscription, came in to the office yesterday. She has actually defected to another Coldwell Banker branch, where more high end properties are sold. Her fiancee is the lender at that branch. She asked for some of my OHU cards to pass around, that was kind of her.

I watched a DVD called 'You Can Heal Your Life' Louise Hay, the author, is now 87 and going strong! She, and others, that spoke in the movie, cured themselves of cancer. She was raped as a 5 year old, was beaten and later raped by her own father, then she left home at 15, had a child at 16. Talking about rising above! It was a beautiful movie. I had the book in the 80s but it didn't sink in then, I wasn't ready for it, now I am. It is along the same lines as what I am doing with 'The Only Diet There Is'. LOVE this stuff and am so ready for more change, boosting my confidence more for my new business venture.