about 4pm only to discover I have no charcoal. Oops! I didn't have a shower today so wasn't gonna go to the store. I'll go to tomorrow, it will be a more pleasant day to BBQ. sunshine and in the 70s. Damn cold today, didn't reach 70. We are supposed to be at high 80s.

Tonight I ended up watching 3 of the 'Abby & Brittany' documentaries made by the BBC. About the American conjoined twins and their college years. They are basically one body with two heads with two different personalities. I'd seen the documentary done on them when they were 11. Twas nice to catch up with them again. What brilliant women. Wonderful to watch their positivity and their loyal friends protecting them from idiots trying to take photos and videos of them without asking. Everybody that meets them loves them. They ended up getting a part time teaching position. They let the kids get the questions out of the way and then they are totally accepting of them. They never mentioned dating, though they would both love a child. I hope we get more updates, they are so infectiously wonderful.

Then I started looking at videos about other cojoined people and then other 'oddities'. The odds of these unusual births aren't that high, so there are a lot of these births you don't hear about. It can't be easy raising such children, but as most of them don't live long you just have to love them to death.

I put an ad on Craigs List for Open Hearts Unite under Wedding Officiant Services. It is active for 45 days. It's free, see if I get anything from that.

Michael and Wendy are coming about 5pm next Thursday to do my video. We have to start recording as soon as they get here as the light is only good until 5:45pm. I'll play with my hair, see if I can make it look half way decent and doll myself up with nice earrings and jacket. That'll be fun. I will mix up some Margaritas. They have to pick up their youngest from school at 7pm.

Have a good Friday!