As I had mentioned before, the retirement funds I had cashed out earlier this year aren't going to last until the end of the year. So I visited Starr Cochran yesterday for some financial advice. She took all my particulars and will do some calculations for me after the 15th (last tax deadline for 2012 tax). What a delightful woman! I am happy to have her as my tax person.

I had looked at my retirement fund this morning and it had dropped close to $300 in one day thanks to the Govt. shenanigans. I can't have that happening so I went to make a withdrawal online and it was asking me about Arizona tax withholding. I left a message for Starr to call me to tell me what to do there. She called and told me to move it in a less volatile money market account until she can guide me next week.

I called Fidelity and they moved the $ in to a money market account that hardly fluctuates. Then I was passed on to a financial adviser within Fidelity and I am so glad. He told me to NOT cash out the large amount as they would take 20% tax out immediately and the $ I would be getting would be seen as income for this year, so with the previous withdrawal and working 3 months, it would be like a normal salary year, which means normal taxes. As I suspected. He reminded me that I have a smaller retirement fund that I could cash out, 10% penalty on that one, but it will get me through well into next year. My income for this year will be much lower, tax will be lower. I can access the bigger amount next year if need be, a whole new tax year. Makes totally sense.

That large amount is not subject to 10% penalty if I take it all out at once, but if I put it in to a rollover account and take $ from it as I need to, it would be subject to the 10% penalty until I turn 59.5, that's 14 months and 11 days away. The small amount isn't gonna last that long, but I will do some temping next year, give up the weekend job if working 7 days a week gets to be too much. Temping, I can take a job when I want to, I'd have to hope that they might be flexible if I needed to leave early to do a weekday wedding. It will ALL work out JUST fine just need more avenes to earn $ if I need to.

Kokee, left, and Ketley, decided to play nicies and sat on the sofa together for maybe 10 mins. You can see Ketley is still much smaller than Kokee and has longer fur!

Ketley and Kaiya are getting more vicious in their new chasing games. They hardly 'spoke' before, just passed with a sniff or a bap, now they are warring!

Tis a chilly day today, a good day to chop some of the palo verde trees to open up my mountain view. Before:

and after:

There are some taller trees behind the one I chopped, that I'd need a ladder to get to, not sure if I can do that physically. I will chop some branches on the ones either side to open it up more I think. Jim, my neighbor won't be happy, he prefers trees to mountain views. The perspective is so weird, sitting here now in my living room, the mountains look bigger and more visible than they do in this pic.

I am pleased to say that Jeanie, who was blamed for James' death, is feeling more chipper, we are getting together for a late lunch on the 23rd. She says she has lots to tell me. I said I am all ears or no ears if she changes her mind.

So much for reading in bed this morning, I shall do that tomorrow... maybe.