Yahoo made some changes to email that I actually like! Well, accessing it through Firefox, I don't see them in IE.

I sent another email to the Help Desk. I noticed my last case it says they replied, but I didn't get a reply, nor a resolution, obviously. Let's see if I get a reply this time.

In gathering stuff for my financial appointment today I realized that I may have to find extra $ to pay tax next year as my 1st bunch of retirement funds ran out faster that I expected. Have to access more which will be taxed at 20% up front, at least it won't be penalized 10%, and with 3 months of good salary, Realtor job salary and 2 lots of retirement funds I may be pushed in to another tax bracket, i.e. owe them $.

I have to find a 6th part time job to make the 2nd lot of retirement funds last at least until I turn 60 in June 2015 when I can access Aussie funds if need be. The honeymoon is over! It will be an interesting conversation today. An option is to give up my weekend job and do temp work. At least I wouldn't be stuck at one company day after day after day, getting stressed (most temp jobs you are under utilized as they 'don't know you'), don't have to create goals and have annual reviews, that idea is tolerable. Temping can pay more than a full time permanent job because it is not that and has no benefits. I'll see how my wedding officiant business progresses, that is an option I will look at next June after Denise and Robert are gone.

My website, can be found on the 5th page of a search for 'tucson wedding officiant' or 'wedding officiant tucson'. I wonder if it would help if you all would do those Google searches to open it. Would you mind trying? Several times? Thank you

Reading that 'Life's Operating Manual' has really unsettled me. The greed of the rich is so totally bringing this country, and the world, down. If something is not done, people with love and compassion in their hearts take over, we are going to self destruct, there is no doubt about it. All I can do bring forth my love and compassion in to the world to help turn it.

I am reading the book written by the Finance gal I am seeing today, 'The Bread and Butter Chronicles' is very informative. She makes references to all sorts of stuff at the back of the book which I shall access when I finish the book. All sorts of financial scenarios played out with characters lives intersecting, very clever, Starr!

A big bowl of steaming grits, a few slices of cheese and a couple of plums for brekky today. The wind is a howling, the temp is dropping to 69F tomorrow, 20 below average. Might be a good BBQing day, I bought 3 racks of beef ribs, MUCH cheaper than pork ribs, should taste similar with sauce slathered on them. YUMMO!