were confirmed.

I just had a quick conversation with this gal: www.starrcochran.com/tax-practice She was recommended by that gal I had a chat with (instead of an interview) a month or so ago, when I asked her who she’d recommend about financial planning and tax preparation. Michelle met Starr at some financial get together.
Starr confirmed that the first lot of retirement funds I ‘loaned’ myself will be taxed at 20% BUT my low other earnings will probably lessen that tax burden. YAY! I did keep the 20% aside, won’t spend it now, but it is nice to know my tax liability won’t be that large. Oh, but she had not heard of the way I accessed those funds, by a loan to myself that I default on to defer my tax debt to next year. Interesting!
I made an appointment with Starr on Wednesday afternoon to discuss my situation and what my tax liability will probably be next year. I’ve got to start writing down questions for her about how my social security is being impacted by me not having a full time job and stuff like that too. She mainly concentrates on tax returns but is willing to chat with me on the financial planning side. She quoted $100 an hour, but said she would only charge me for time when she was doing calculations for me and not when we are just chatting, getting to know each other. That’s kind of her!
So I guess I am doing some networking in Tucson, not usually my thing, but ‘sisters ARE doing it for themselves’ with a lil assistance from other sisters. Of course I did get assistance from some brothers too, like Kent and Wendy’s Michael. I had emailed him saying I am ready when he is for the video but didn’t hear back. I’ll resend it.
Today is the last hot day it seems, 91F/30C, partly cloudy. Forecast for next 10 days is down to 69F/20F on Thursday with showers, and surrounding days in mid to low 80’s, quite below average. DARN!
It seems I started my Mexican Bird of Paradise seeds off on the wrong foot so to speak. I should have poked the seeds inside the pods to help them germinate, then wrap in plastic and keep moist. There are some pods on bushes I can start over again. Back to reading ‘Life’s Operating Manual’.
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