This book, Life's Operating Manual' is absolutely fascinating and makes so much sense. I shall quote some passages for y'all later to give you some food for thought.

Mind Over Matter - That is an old adage. I wonder where it came from. In my case in this past week my mind is controlling my body matter. I have been retraining my mind with affirmations from 'The Only Diet There Is' by Sondra Ray. It is a diet of love and forgiveness. I had tried it before some 20 years ago, lost some 10lbs. I don't know how long I did it, a few weeks only perhaps. But thinking back now I may not have lost more weight BUT I did stabilize, for 17 years.

My mind actually retained some of the affirmations I used back then, such as: My metabolism is responding to the new instructions I am giving it. This diet is working for me, Summer because I want it to. Everything I eat turns to health and beauty. My mind rules my body. I Summer can eat anything I want without feeling guilty or unhappy. Some of you have never struggled with weight, you didn't let food control you like I have since I was 21. At a birthday party for myself, I had invited some half dozen or so women over for a meal. As I did in those days, when I had people over, I would think of a topic to stir up some debated conversation. This time it was how food controlled us. Unfortunately, nobody responded, it was only me that was controlled by food! My mind allowed it, their minds didn't it.

So I am back to having my mind control my body, I am no longer reacting to food emotionally, I am eating food for the sheer pleasure of it! Relishing it, trying new things, well sometimes renewing old things. Today's breakfast was bacon, 4 slices instead of fewer calories of 2, hash browns (shredded frozen potatoes in a bag) that I flattened down in the bacon fat and it browned it up somewhat, not enough bacon fat in the middle rashers to make it one big golden brown patty. I will buy regular bacon next time. I put the potatoes and bacon in the microwave while I fried some eggs up in the pan, when I flopped them over I hit the 30 sec button on the microwave which heated up the hash browns and bacon and then I tossed the eggs in the low flat bowl with the potatoes and bacon for a mighty tasty meal!

Mind you I have been eating a LOT more calories this past week while doing the affirmations. I am no longer looking at boxes, cans and other labels to see how many calories are in the item. I ate 4 bags of mini Snickers and Almond Joys. I ate my CoC curried chicken concoction. Ate large bowls of new granola and damned if I haven't lost a few lbs. I feel it, remember the scales are put away. So needless to say I am of the mindset to continue this 'insanity' (some of you might think) for more than a few weeks, maybe some months. It takes 15 mins. to type and read aloud 8 affirmations 10 times each on my laptop. I do it first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to my bedroom at night.

Even with an empty gastric band it is giving me a hard time. I now wish I never got it. I did the dieting and exercise to lose the weight, ok it may have helped me lose a few more lbs. when I regurgitated for hours on end which tends to make you lose your appetite for quite a while. ;-) I was going to write 'I still have to live with it controlling what I eat'. Not so! I will tell my body that all my food is now sliding through the barrier easily, without causing any discomfort whatsoever. So THERE you nasty gastric band!

I dare you to create some affirmations about something that is bothering you, take the negative statements and turn them in to positive statements. No, not 'I hate that my sister did that!' to 'I no longer hate that my sister did that.' But something like 'What my sister does or says no longer affects me.' and see after a week or two if that issue bothers you any more, or anything else your sister might have said. You get the idea.

I am now munching on an apple, not because I think I should, but because it tastes DELICIOUS!