about my weekend job is that I can wax philosophically with some of the agents. This weekend was especially good. I had a great conversation about beliefs with a born again Christian yesterday yesterday morning and this morning I had a great conversation with an agent I have hardly seen before. She has a wonderful attitude about life, was one of 13 children, parents were married in 1937 yet she is probably my age. She was in the last four.

She has two daughters and wanted one of them to wear her wedding dress, the first one, she didn't fit in it, the 2nd, who is getting married next month, fit in the dress but didn't like the style. She wanted it to be in her wedding somehow so, being a very crafty woman, she cut it up and made roses out of the fabric and put them together in a boquet and added some glistening brooches and it looks SENSATIONAL! She should patent it or something. Sell the instructions would be a good idea. Tis brilliantly beautiful, I've never seen anything like it. She is concentrating on her daughter's wedding, her realtor business is on the back burner.

We were discussing the state of the world. I started to tell her about the documentary I watched Friday night ''I AM" by the guy who made some Jim Carrey movies. He had a life altering experience and ended up giving up his wealthy life style. Tis an excellent documentary. She knew all about the documentary but did not know about his book. I got his book "Life's Operating Manual: With the Fear and Truth Dialogues". I have suggested that Max get a copy, it can answers her question about how the world can be fixed. Brilliant book. There are lots of books and DVDs along those lines that I am fascinated with and absorbing. I AM a human being, not a human doing. She also told me about www.ted.com some interesting videos here.

I'm needing to access more retirement funds already, I was hoping the first lot would last until the end of the year, unfortunately not. oh well. I will put my feelers out for a 6th part time job. I love this dabbling, doing things that I enjoy or that are much more tolerable that a full time job paying crap money, but you know all about that already... ;-)

I'm watching some "Long Island Medium" shows, such tear jerkers. She is such a funny lady, I don't really understand this part of spirituality but she obviously knows things about people that have passed. It is just nice she can bring some comfort to people about situations surrounding their deaths. This particular show she is crashing her sons poker game. Her son is mortified, she is such a dip shit "I don't have good cards!" she exclaimed, "You're not supposed to let us know that!" One of her sons's friend explained. She distracted them as she started channeling, wouldn't you know it, she won!