fried up lil pieces of bacon, hominy (corn kernel some how puffed up, kinda between a normal corn kernel and a piece of popcorn) heated up in the bacon fat and then two eggs stirred in to that. Can't WAIT to taste it, been years since I've had it.

Got an email inquiry from Jen Jones, asking if I am available to do a small wedding in Tohono Chul park (10 mins from home) for her and her Italian fiancee, Nov. 23 2013 at 11am, and asked what I will charge. I said I am available (not really, I am supposed to work, it is a Saturday, but I am going to trade a weekday morning with one of the other gals), and will charge $150. He is Catholic, she has no religious affiliations, I did research Catholic ceremonies, they do have specific wording that has to be used, he may or may not want to use it. I hope not, I am not really comfortable doing that having no religious beliefs. I hope I do hear back from her, I would love to meet them and hear their story, I told her so, and help plan their perfect wedding.

Tis too darned cool in the mornings, mind you I leave the front door open for the cats to chill while sleeping. You know I don't do cold well. I hate winter, thank goodness it short here.

I had a bad mood day yesterday. Tis such a bizarre phenomenon, whenever I sleep longer than usual 4.5 to 5.5 hours, say 7 hours, I am in a foul mood. I did a Google search, found nothing on it. Must be chemical. Days like that I should just stay home! I did cancel my attendance to a new meetup, just can't be my cheerful self for some weird reason. I got in the car with instructions to a Lowes hardware store. It took me on the freeway, that can't be right. There was construction on the freeway so the speed limit was 35mph, so I typed in my next destination's address and a few minutes later the GPS lost satellite.

I just got off the freeway and got back on going the opposite direction and eventually satellite contact was made and I went to Staples. I got 10 white parchment looking heavy paper folders with pockets for vows and marriage certificate and a place for my business card, and a periwinkle blue thin binder to put samples of wedding vows in when I meet with couples in person. The vows will be in plastic sleeves with extra copies I can give them to take away and revise to suit them. I did ask the guy if he knew where a Lowes was, his directions made no sense, I knew there was no Lowes where he told me to go. I was cursing all the way...

I went on new roads and eventually found one to get the hard water treatment for the toilet and a pumice stone. I shall show you pics of the staining before I try and scrub it off. Then to Sprouts, they did not have the Gluten Free granola or Granola bars they were supposed to have. Got some wheat free Granola, more yellow apples and strawberries! $3 for 2 punnets, I shall chop some up with sugar for work lunch, have some in smoothies too.

I got the lopping shears delivered yesterday, so I shall try and lop some of the Palo Verde branches off to open up my mountain view, will take some before and after photos of that too. I did buy some clothes on clearance from Coldwater Creek for wedding ceremonies, they have arrived, they are in the larger post box and I was given a key to open it but I can't get it open. It was stiff before when I got parcels that wouldn't fit in my mailbox, but this time I cannot get it open. I have left a note in my mailbox, hopefully the postie (Aussie for mailman) will see it, open the damn box and hand my package to me. I wish it came FedEx, they leave it at your door.

Just read People magazine, my Friday morning in bed reading. Lots of nonsense it in about 'stars' I've never heard of but it is fun to read and see pics of those I have heard of. Like Meg Ryan who has shunned Hollywood and lives in NYC, she has a 9 year old Chinese daughter and her BF is John(ny) (Cougar) Mellenkamp. She is looking all of her 53 years despite some plastic surgery. I look younger than her at 58. My Mom can't believe how young I look for 58, lucky me! Back to some Solitaire and Stuart Woods 'Lucid Intervals'. Oh, I didn't get published, my comment about having surgery to lose weight being some kind of a sin or something. Maybe the next time they do an article on people losing half their weight I'll get on my soapbox again and maybe get published.

Nothing much interesting folks...