are left to choose their vows. I sent both Dustin and Brittini sample vows to discuss with their respective fiancees, from traditional short 'n sweet to some personally created ones. They are abundant on the internet. I told them that the sky was the limit as to what they choose, I just have my spiel at the beginning and the end, gave them a sample of that too that they can vary to suit them, and to have FUN with it. That's all I need to do now besides showing up for the meeting with Brittini and Zachery and conducting both ceremonies. I am really looking forward to doing so.

I am getting emails from 1 of the 4 wedding sites I joined saying so and so are having a wedding and I am supposed to go and offer my services, but of course to do that I have to subscribe. That one wants $750 for a year ($65 a month), another $19.99 a month payable in 6 month intervals just for my ad to be seen, the other two, my ad is up but down the list. That will have to do for now. If I don't get any other weddings on my own this season, I shall consider upping my marketing next spring.

My SD card slot has decided to work again, very glad I only spent $8 on a USB SD card reader.

With these rays shining on my Mexican Bird of Paradise seeds they are sure to rise!

I didn't get to the stores yesterday, so I have twice as many to get to today. Hardware, stationery supplies, Walmart and Sprouts (gonna get some gluten free granola/muesli to try).

About 90F/30C today, right on average. PERFECT weather with skies blue as the far as the eye can see and low humidity. I got a call from Denise last night, she's been working full time the last month, her boss has been on vacation. Rob has finished work, he left the day they told him he would be redundant unless he found a job within the company by the 16th. He is going to take a Photoshop course and get in to photography, he has two expensive cameras to play with. He is going to learn Spanish completely, learned a bit while working in Chile. He already speaks Cantonese, immersed himself in a school in China for 2 months a couple of decades ago, his father was Chinese. They've stopped the gardening service, he has time to do it now himself and is happy to. They were going in to town to stop their landline phone and upgrade their cell phones, finding ways to cut down bills, tis tough to live on their very large (debt free) retirement funds a month after all! ;-)

They are not going to Mexico after all, Denise put her foot down and said AZ, Havana and Dominican Republic (they know people there) are enough in 4 weeks, she wants time to breath and lie on a beach for a few days. They are coming to me last because Rob doesn't want to drag her American shopping all over. Her spending habits seem quite obscene to me now since I have changed to my attitude of gratitude and am getting by on less, must watch my tongue. It will be 100F or more by the time they get here. I'll have to freeze in my own home with them here, they won't tolerate my 87F a/c, they'll want 75F. BUT we will probably be on the road doing trips, in an a/c car of course, I'll bundle myself up. He'll probably rent a car to his standards, fine with me, it will be fun! Oh, they can't fly in and out of Havana from the U.S. Probably D.R. to Havana and out somewhere else back to me. They are adventurous!

Lisa, the realtor is in Machu Picchu, Peru, this week, so no bulk mailing for a couple more weeks. Rob was going to go there but his Chile job got canceled early.

Time for some reading...