is TV show that features documentaries about America's changing attitudes to different things. I had written about the show on men doing Hula before. Tonight I watched one that I recorded a while back on Little People. This gal had done a documentary featuring some little people, two kids in school and their challenges and two couples. Then she revisited them 20 years later.

The two kids, the boy was very positive, had very supportive parents and he ended up marrying an Eastern Indian woman. They were both the type of dwarves who were just short but had normal facial features. She said her father had traveled to Indian to find her a little husband, but little people weren't allowed to go far in school, he couldn't find a little man with an education past 6th grade (11 years old). Her religion believes in reincarnation and said she had it easy in a previous lfe, so this life she was given a challenge.

They interviewed the man after the screening and asked how his life had changed since the making of the 2nd documentary, his Indian wife had been in a serious car accident and died a year later, so he was a single father of their one little child for a few years. He is now a motivational speaker about bullying visiting schools. He remarried a little woman and had 2 little children.

The young girl full of enthusiasm in school was a down trodden woman in the follow up. She did not have the same support the young man had, so she felt she was failure. She ended up meeting and marrying a normal sized man and was so relieved to have some help doing things that were becoming a real struggle for her. He just saw her as a beautiful woman. His family was against the marriage but he didn't care. Most people seeing them in public think he is her father.

The two couples, one had two little children, the other had one averaged size son and a little daughter. They all said that they would not change anything about their lives. Two little people have a 75% chance of having little children. There are tests now for the gene in utero, they all said they wouldn't want to know. The kids said they will have kids and not have the tests. The world trying to get rid of perceived defective people when they think they are normal, just have a challenge.

Fascinating television, many more interesting topics to come. So much better than shows like 'Cut Throat Kitchen'. Don't care to know what that is about. As if there isn't enough competition in this country, kids struggling to get in to the 'right' schools, colleges only to be in huge debt. Tis a crazy world, interesting, but crazy. I've had very easy compared to a lot of folks but still had my own lil personal struggles to overcome. I'll never compare mine to other people's, they weren't more or less, just different.