expecting to get a tearful woman on her way to the hospital to visit her ill husband. Instead I got her quick bantering husband. He's been home 4 days, but he had been in the hospital for 3 weeks, did have an infection and was bombarded by the strongest anti-Bs. Good to hear he is ok. He had surgery to take bone from hip to help bolster wrist that has collapsed due to rare form of arthritis, he couldn't lift a cup of tea. For the most part he is pretty jolly about it, but the week when his pain meds fade until he gets another infusion, he is in bed in agony, poor dude.

Denise's husband, Rob, did get word that if they can't find him another job within the company by the 16th he will get a payout. Just as he had hoped, retirement comes just a couple of months earlier than he thought. That guy just attracts money. Will be interesting to see how he fills his retirement time. I know he needs to catalogue all the Asian antiquities they have in their home. They need to downsize, he might even sell some. Maybe with not working his health will rally, liver issues, doesn't want a transplant, likelihood of cancer is very high, we shall see. He did reverse his diabetes with diet, his doc was amazed!

Nothing I have to do today, might head to Lowes (hardware store) to get the amazing toilet solution contraption that deals with the hard water situation here. I have to get a pumice stone or dry wall screen to scrape the current brown calcification in the toilets then the contraption should stop it from happening. $5 each, lasts 3 months or so. I'll grab 4. Will hit Staples to find nice white thick paper folders with pockets on each side for Marriage Certificate and vows. When I am done with the ceremony the couple can keep it. Playing with borders and fonts in PowerPoint, want the vows to look nice but not too fru fru.

I see that Aetna who rejected me for health insurance a few months back has to take me now. I tried to apply online but their site is so busy they say to basically come back later... Oh I WILL!!! Laughs maniacally...

Kokee wants some cuddles... he is lying on my arm and typing is difficult.